WATCH: Biker Clubs Now Violently Attacking Immigrants!

The Hells Angels Biker Club captured a muslim migrant who was harassing a vulnerable woman & hunted him down & violently set upon him & violently attacked him for sexually assaulting a woman.

Thai police are looking for information after three Hells Angels from Australia were caught on CCTV video mercilessly beating a Thai man in Pattaya beach, south of Bangkok.

Reports say that two brothers, young local men, were paid about $6,000 in compensation after the incident after the video was released and three Aussie Hells Angels turned themselves in to police. Police were investigating the incident.

The video shows the HA men kicking and punching one of the Thai men, knocking him to the ground outside a bar, and then targeting his head with fists and feet. The young man’s brother was reportedly also injured in the incident.

Despite the brutality of the attack seen on the tape, a local newspaper reported that the Australian HA members were first set upon by a group of local men in a dispute erupting over the HA men parking their truck in a spot they were told not to.

The bikers then flew into a fury in the fracas.


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