VIDEO: After White House Reporter Called Her A Liar, WATCH Sarah Huckabee UNLOAD On The Entire Room!

Yesterday, Sarah Huckabee Sanders attempted to set the record straight on Russia, and she was called a liar on national TV.

While being interviewed by ABC reporter George Stephanopoulos, Sarah Huckabee Sanders was called a liar to her face after she denied any collusion between Trump and Russia. Watch her EPIC response below!

Huckabee-Sanders proceeded to embarrass Stephanopoulos by slamming the fake news media for refusing to move on from the Russia lies. She pointed out that they’ve found zero evidence, despite almost a year long investigation. She also blasted the media for ignoring how the Clintons took money directly from Russia while Hillary was Secretary of State.

He calls her a liar about 1:00 in, when he smugly says, “You know that’s not true”… Then watch her brutal response.



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