Vegas Massacre Investigation Blown WIDE OPEN After What Was Caught On Runway During The Shooting!


One month has passed since America witnessed the bloodiest shooting in modern day history.

However, there are still mysteries to be revealed related to the bloody murder.

Some experts even have the gut feeling that the whole Vegas shooting was a set-up that was planned beforehand.

Numerous reports note that multiple shooters were present at the location. Just days after the shooting social media blew up with witnesses revealing shady stories about what happened that horrible night. Various news crews that were that night in Vegas, reveal that more than one gunman opened fire on the large crowd of people. There is a wild guess that people were shooting from 5 different Las Vegas hotels.

And right when we thought that the conspiracy theories are all over, police officers are back with one unique story about what went down that night. You probably know the story by now, Stephen Paddock, who was a well-known gambler, bought piles of weapons and ammunition, without any remorse for human life, opened fire on hundreds of innocent people.

So that’s the official story, but it’s far from the new one. A new video footage just leaked from the tower of the Las Vegas airport. The new story is a whole lot different from the original. The recording shows that the Las Vegas airport knew about the shooting all along and that there was more than one shooter present at the crime scene.

If you didn’t know the McCarran Airport is next to the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino where shooter Stephen Paddock opened fire at the concert goers. Many of the people who were trying to get away from the line of fire, went straight to the airport to seek shelter. In the brand new audio, you can hear that air traffic controllers are discussing the possibility of that numerous lunatics were firing from their automatic weapons.

You can hear the tower speak, “And for departures, stand by one. We’re not going anywhere for just a moment.” Then the controller announces, “Shutting down might not be a good idea. There are active shooters on the runway.”

As for now, there are still things to be reconsidered. The mystery is yet to unfold.

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