Trump’s FBI Busts ISIS Convert in Virginia… retailers had been shocked at What They discovered!

Each time a politician speaks up and states the honest-to-God reality that Islam is a bloody religion of violence, the mainstream media kicks into spin cycle mode and cries “Islamophobia” and “prejudice.” but the truth of the matter stays, the Koran instructs obedient Muslims to enact a holy battle against unbelievers.

No wherein are those sad truths extra apparent than in Sterling, Virginia where the FBI currentlyarrested an ISIS convert.

take a look at it out, in keeping with Jihad Watch:

Sean Andrew Duncan, who moved to Sterling in June 2017, became arrested for “knowingly altering, destroying, mutilating and concealing tangible items… with the motive to obstruct and hinder” an FBI investigation.

The documents stated that once FBI sellers knocked on the front door with their seek warrant, Duncan ran out of the returned door barefoot with “some thing clenched in his fist.”

Retailers yelled at Duncan to preventhowever earlier than he did he threw a plastic bag over their heads. The files say the bag contained a memory chip from a thumb power that “were snapped into pieces and located in a liquid substance that produced frothy white bubbles.”

The FBI were investigating Duncan for more than a year.

A relative of Duncan’s warned the FBI in 2017 that he had become radicalized as he had voiced approval of Westerners being beheaded within the center East. The bureau determined a Twitter account in December that became related to Duncan’s smartphone. And simply what became the name of the account? An Arabic phrase that roughly translates to “The Islamic country!”


An unnamed co-conspirator advised the FBI in July that Duncan informed her he changed intointerested in becoming a member of ISIS and they’d share information articles from an ISIS e-book. The co-conspirator additionally told the FBI that Duncan had shared a piece of writingabout how to construct a homemade bomb from an al-Qaida booklet.

In June 2017, the Allegany County police department searched Duncan’s telephone in an unrelated research into the dying of Duncan’s infant toddlerin the course of their seek, they foundnumerous net searches for ISIS-related cloth, ISIS attacksweaponsbody armor, defensestrategies and YouTube motion pictures of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS.

The court docket documents say that the Allegany County police branch’s seek “observed over 24,000 high quality consequences after looking a listing of common counterterrorism phrases.”

The united states of america can thank President Trump and his improved guidelines for managing home terror that this madman didn’t kill a whole bunch of innocent civilians. For eightyears, Obama stored the FBI’s arms tied by not calling out the threat through it’s right and propercall.

He was too busy gambling Washington politics…

What do you watched of the FBI preventing this sicko?

Do you approve of Trump’s hard stance against Islamic terrorism?

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