Traitor John McCain Caught Doing the UNTHINKABLE – This Is Bad, Folks!

We have a problem in Washington when prominent Republicans such as, Senator John McCain, Senator Marco Rubio and 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romey, endorse the vile left-wing masked thugs, known as Antifa.

McCain, in particular, has made it clear that his first priority is to resist Donald Trump. He has little interest in working for the American people.

The Charlottesville protests brought about media rhetoric, which McCain and Romney quoted in almost identical language.

Liberals and leftist media stated there was only one group of villains present in Charlottesville, while President Donald Trump saw the whole picture clearly. Both McCain and Romney are feeding into the media frenzy by staying silent about the violent Antifa group.

Senator Marco Rubio launched a Twitterstorm that absolved Antifa of any and all responsibility in the events that lead up to the Charlottesville riots.

Shockingly, Rubio embraced the Crybully Creed, the left-wing fascist idea that hate speech justifies a violent response. Your speech is violence; their violence is speech. Yes, Rubio used exactly those words in his third tweet.

Rubio’s third tweet endorses violence against hate speeches, and his last one agrees with left-wing idealism that we must ignore Antifa in order to condemn white nationalism.

In the Weekly Standard, Michael Warren argues that Trump had a duty to “denounce specifically and unequivocally the white nationalists whose demonstration last weekend in Virginia became violent,” even though Warren acknowledges “there were left-wing counter-protesters who were also violent and antagonistic in Charlottesville.”

The Republicans without backbones in Washington jumped on the “only one side” theory, giving the violent left a free pass. Antifa is a much larger group than any Nazi wannabes could ever hope to be. Freedom of speech, my friends.

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