Tillerson declines to host Ramadan event at State Dept. – Libs Furious!

Tillerson Stepped On Liberal Toes Because Of Muslims

The Left is always finding something to have a meltdown over in our country. It looks like we found the new flavor of the week, and this one is relating to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Rex Tillerson was asked not long ago if the State Department would host a Ramadan dinner in honor of the holy Islamic month. He instantly declined, and now liberals are flipping out. Weird how they suddenly care about the religion when it goes in their favor. (via Dennis Michael Lynch)

The Left has often painted themselves as the messengers of truth, the heroes of the fragile and discriminated against. They can not fool us. They use manipulation tactics to trick poor voters into picking them in elections so they can have power.

Liberals are hateful people who just want to manipulate the poor into being their welfare slaves, so they can pay for votes every election cycle. It’s upsetting.

Do you remember the last time the Left fought for Christians who didn’t get what they want? We can’t recall a single time where the left supported Christians! Now we need to step back and bow down to Islam? Not way! Rex said there wouldn’t be any Islamic celebrations in his house, either.

Liberals get mad if you insult a religion that encourage blowing people up, but Christians, Buddhists, atheists, and other beliefs are the ones they always complain about. Liberals have wrong priorities and it has to be for a dark and evil reason. We are SO glad to have President Trump in office to deal with this mess.

Trump is going to make sure that our American values come back. We are tired of the manipulation that the Left is trying to do at all times. People are aware of what they’re attempting to do. At this point, they’re just securing a second term for Trump.

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