There’s One BIG REASON Why Trump is ALREADY Predicted to Win the 2020 Election!

Donald Trump is already being predicted to win the 2020 election and it’s only 3 months into his current presidency! This is HUGE news for Trump supporters who have been rallying behind Trump for months. President Trump began campaigning for the 2020 election within a month of his inauguration. His first rally was held in Florida at the Orlando-Melbourne Airport where he made a dramatic entrance on the Air Force One.

Pres Trump 2020

 It was released today that the Trump Campaign has already raised over $7 million dollars in just under three months! This is an INCREDIBLE number and the Trump administration is overjoyed at the results of their campaigning.

People are now predicting a probable win for Trump in 2020. A major reason for these predictions is the comparison with the raised fund of the Obama administration 8 years ago. In his first three months of presidency, the Obama administration raised a measly $1 million. Compared to Trump’s $7 million, the outcome for Trump certainly looks good!

In an article from USA Today, Trump’s fundraising successes have been clearly outlined:

“In all, Trump’s campaign and the party have said they raised more than $53 million between Jan. 1 and March 31. Party officials say those fundraising efforts attracted 250,000 new online donors, underscoring the Republican president’s continued appeal with small contributors even as parts of his agenda run into roadblocks in Congress and the courts. More than $3 out of every $4 raised directly by Trump’s campaign committee came in amounts of $200 or smaller.”

President Trump is gaining followers and quickly guaranteeing himself a full 8 years in the White House. We’re so happy to hear this news! Will YOU be voting for Trump in 2020? Let us know in the comments!

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