SHOCKING: Boston Police Commissioner – “We’re All Muslims Deep Down”!

Boston Police Commissioner William B. Evans and Michael Moore should get together for a little kumbaya session, as both men have concluded that, “WE ARE ALL MUSLIM”.

On the last Saturday in February, William B Evans spoke at  the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center embracing Islam as THE religion of peace.  He boldly stated, “We’re all Muslims deep down. We all yearn for peace.”

Effectively, Evans has disregarded all other religions as being unpeaceful, and therefore, antagonistic to Islam and the true religion of peace.

This visit was not Evan’s first time at the Islamic Society of Boston, as he spent time there last December to calm the local Muslims down after the Christmas terrorist attack in San Bernardino.    Evans felt compelled to make certain that they were not “jittery” after two radical Islamist killed 14 people.  He told those who had gathered that December evening, “I don’t think we can tolerate bigotry toward the Muslim population. They’re an important part of our city. I just want to reassure them that we’re here for them.”

The victims, non-muslims having a peaceful Christmas party, were gunned down by two who practiced what Evans called THE RELIGION OF PEACE.

We are all Muslims, according to Boston Police Commissioner William B. Evans.  How we all became Muslim is beyond me, and how he can view Islam as THE TRUE RELIGION OF PEACE,  excluding all others, is also a mystery.

Speaking for a second time at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, Evans  made this declaration:

We’re all Muslims deep down. We all yearn for peace.

The Cultural Center has not been a place of peaceful teaching it seems, as the list of those who have passed their was is infamous.

— The Boston Marathon jihad murderers, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

— Aafia Siddiqui, who is serving an 86-year sentence for trying to kill American soldiers

— Tarek Mehanna, who is serving seventeen years for aiding al-Qaeda

— Ahmad Abousamra, who before he was killed in an American airstrike was thought to be a principal architect of the Islamic State’s social media presence

— The Islamic Society of Boston’s founder, Abdurrahman Alamoudi, was once a major player in Washington and the nation’s most prominent moderate Muslim. Now he is serving a twenty-three year sentence for charges including fundraising for al-Qaeda.

But the lunacy found in Evans is also found in the Micheal Moores of this world as well, who also made the same claim: “We are all Muslim”, while standing in front of Trump Towers.

Liberal documentary filmmaker Michael Moore stood outside of Trump Tower on Wednesday, holding a sign that said “We Are All Muslim”, after posting an open letter to Trump saying that “if you want to ban Muslims, you are first going to have to ban me.” I’m having a difficult time finding a better motivation. While that’s not all the letter said, I’m sounds like Moore considers himself to be more (no pun intended) important than he actually is.

Michael Moore’s letter goes on to rant about how people are all children God and threatens Trump with a time-out. Yes, we are all children of god. Perhaps he should change the words on that sign to “We Are All Christian” and then go stand outside of an ISIS compound and see what happens.

Just as we are all Mexican, we are all Catholic and Jewish and white and black and every shade in between. We are all children of God (or nature or whatever you believe in), part of the human family, and nothing you say or do can change that fact one iota. If you don’t like living by these American rules, then you need to go to the time-out room in any one of your Towers, sit there, and think about what you’ve said.”

Somehow, liberal thinking destroys the cerebrum, the part of the brain where “higher brain function, which includes the interpretation and reception of the nerve impulses, initiating voluntary movement, memory, thought processes, and logical reasoning.”  Those who can look around the world and be blinded to the fact that radical Islam is far from peaceful but is a threat to all civilized nations, must have endured hemispherectomy where their cerebrum was removed and all logical thought deceased.

People in power believe as these men do.  People of influence and  following, who can mold others into their twisted mindset, actually think these things are true.  We with whole brains, morals and ethics, must continue the good fight, speak the truth and be prepared to give a strong defense for what it is we believe.


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