Sarah Sanders Slams Obama-Lovers For Attacking Trump’s UN Speech: We Are Done “Apologizing For Our Success”!

President Trump gave one of the greatest speeches ever to the UN and liberals are losing their minds over it. They are angry that he called Kim Jong Un ‘rocket man’ as a way to demean him. Sarah Huckabee Sanders defended President Trump in an epic way.

“That’s a Trump original. He is a master at branding. One of the reasons I think you hit the nail on the head. This is a problem we have been dealing with for 20 years. Americans wanted somebody, a strong leader, somebody who wasn’t going to put up with it anymore. That’s one of the reasons I think Donald Trump won. They saw strength,” said Sanders.

She went on to explain how President Trump is much different than Obama. “They saw somebody who was not going to apologize for America. Was not going to apologize for America’s sovereignty and our success. They wanted somebody to stand up and be a fighter. They got that in Donald Trump,” said Sanders.

“I think that was on full display yesterday in one of his stronger moments. It was a great reminder why people supported him and certainly why he is going to be very successful president,” she said.

“Certainly I don’t think the previous administration was always putting America first. I think there was a lot of, as I said apologizing for our success. That’s not something that America wants. That’s not what our country was founded on. And certainly, I think you see that day in, day out by the support for this president,” she said. Liberals can not handle this.

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