Rumi Laughs in Behar’s FACE. These 3 Words just HUMILIATED the Ladies of The View!

Donald Rumsfeld is way too smart to take the bait from the loony liberal ladies of The View. I would say that Joy Behar got her a** handed to her, but that would not be polite, so I’ll just say that Rumi made Behar and Whoopi look like fools.

In the first part of the segment, Joy Behar tries to claim that Hillary Clinton was real “winner” of the election because she would the popular vote.  Donald Rumsfeld makes her look like an idiot and literally laughs in her face.  Then all the lovely libtards try to bait him with ridiculous “set-up” questions about the Russian investigation and special prosecutor. Rumsfeld does not bite.  He makes then look like complete fools just like Condoleezza Rice did several weeks ago.

Here is the video clip.


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