Robert Kennedy Jr: ‘Trump Could Be The Greatest President In History’!

Robert Kennedy Jr dropped a Trump bombshell live on CNN, saying that Donald Trump could be “the greatest president in history.

To liberals, there is nothing worse than if a liberal says that President Donald Trump is not a bad guy. Unless they do it live on CNN. And that liberal happens to be a Kennedy.

Then it’s a lot worse.

Don Lemon started by asking Robert Kennedy Jr how he felt about comparisons between the Trump family and the Kennedys. Of course Lemon assumed that RFK Jr would shoot that line of thinking down.

Lemon wasn’t prepared for what came next.

Well I think Donald Trump can be any kind of president he wants. He has this extraordinary opportunity because he’s coming into office less burdened by obligation than probably any president in our history, with the possible exception of Andrew Jackson,” Robert Kennedy Jr said.

Both of them, Jackson and Trump, came in, people were sickened, people were outraged, and he became, unless you were an American Indian, a very good president at defending the country against corporate power, and really democratizing American in many ways.

“He said to Leonardo di Caprio that he wants to be the next Teddy Roosevelt, and he can easily do that.

Lemon was in shock at this point, and wasn’t sure how to fill the final seconds of the interview. He stumbled and asked a question that didn’t even make sense: “Do you think the new Kennedys, do you think that’s a fair competition?”

Like I said, I think he can be any kind of president he wants, I think he can be the greatest president in history,” Robert Kennedy Jr said.

A liberal environmental lawyer praising Trump? And he’s a top Democrat and a Kennedy? It doesn’t get any worse for CNN and liberals.


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  1. Janet Chepulis

    Thank you Robert Kennedy, Jr. There has never been such conflict as there been in the last 8 years, thank to Obama. Against all adversaries, President Trump stand high and above it all. He will fight his heart out to save our country. He is doing what is necessary. Let the states take to load off the Federal government now and put it back into the hands of the states. We desperately need to balance our federal budget.


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