Professor Who Called For White Genocide Just Received Devastating News!

Drexel University professor George Ciccariello-Maher made splashes twice recently.  The first time was around last Christmas in which he tweeted that all he wanted for Christmas was White Genocide.  The second time was when he was on a plane and a first class passenger gave his seat to serviceman.  That prompted Ciccariello-Maher to say it made him want to vomit.  At first Drexel stuck by him but then they found out how much money he was costing them and they turned on him and on April 3rd, he was told he was under investigation by the school.

Drexel Provost Brian Blake wrote the following to Ciccariello:

“In light of the serious damage to the university and its reputation that your provocative tweets have caused, it is imperative to determine whether you have violated the university’s Code of Conduct and/or other policies and whether your tweets are a violation of the special obligation that a faculty member has under Drexel’s academic freedom policy.”

“The university has been faced with heightened concerns for community safety, received significant negative feedback and has unfortunately spent considerable time and resources as a result of your statements on Twitter.”

“Numerous prospective students whom the university has admitted have written to the university stating that they will not attend the university because of your conduct, and at least two potential significant donors to the university have withheld previously promised donations,” Blake said. “The nearly unmanageable volume of venomous calls that the university has received — during this critical time in the academic year when prospective students are deciding where they want to attend college — compelled the university to consider turning off its phones in the days following your tweet, and we have real concerns that admitted students were unable to get through with questions.”

“Despite my efforts to engage in a constructive dialogue with you in the hopes of making you more self-aware of the consequences of your actions, your course of conduct suggests to me that you are unable or unwilling to calibrate your actions to consider the damages that they cause to your university and all those who work so hard to advance the mission of the university.”

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