Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney not guaranteed to stay at club in summer, says boss Jose Mourinho amid interest in Everton return

Wayne Rooney made the concerted decision to stay at Manchester United, but Jose Mourinho again offered no guarantees his captain would be at Old Trafford next season.

Mourinho – at the beginning of a press conference which he started with a four-minute monologue about three separate issues – revealed Rooney had turned down offers elsewhere.

Sportsmail revealed earlier this week that Rooney would consider an offer from Everton if one was forthcoming in the summer.

Mourinho, however, would like the striker to stay – and claimed he still has a huge role to play between now and June.

‘I only can say that in the EFL Cup final, with the result 2-2 and with the team in difficulties and with the team possibly going to play 40 more minutes, Rooney was ready to go into the pitch,’ Mourinho said.

‘So he’s not the player to play in the last minute, or to give him a gift to be in the wining final, it’s a player you trust to play and your crucial change.

‘I got as a very strong message from Wayne – “I don’t go anywhere, especially China, I want to fight and help this team in every single one,” so until the end of the season he is 100 per cent with us.

‘Next season 100 per cent I would like him to be with us but I don’t give you 100 per cent. I like the players to be happy and not just to be with me because I want them with me.’

Rooney and out-of-favour left back Luke Shaw are both in the United squad to face Bournemouth on Saturday.

‘Wayne’s selected for tomorrow with possibilities to play – start or on the bench – so since the moment he decided to stay and to help the team and to fight for United he’s an important player for us.’

Mourinho also claimed United own the option to extend Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s one-year contract by another season, despite the striker suggesting otherwise last month.

‘I see him staying with us because the initial agreement to come to him for one year plus us to have the option.

‘So I see him staying with us. An amazing, successful year for him. It doesn’t matter what’s going to happen until the end of the season but now – the goals, the trophy, the impact he played in the cathedral – all of these is more than enough to consider him a success at United.

‘The next transfer window will bring this team to a different level, because we are going to try and bring a few players, which is normal.

‘Zlatan will be fundamental in the second year of this team and I think he is going to stay. But again, that’s my way – right or wrong, I only want people who want to stay 100 per cent. My feelings are that he is really proud of himself and he’s really happy with his situation.’


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