KILL SHOT: Jesse Waters Just Delivered a FATAL Blow To The NFL With Four BRUTAL Words!

Jesse Waters was on fire last night and he had a message for the NFL players who insult and disrespect our country.
Like most of us, Waters was disgusted to see these entitled, privileged, cry baby NFL players have no shame in disrespecting the anthem by taking a knee rather than standing up with their hands on their hearts like a REAL American does.

He Just unloaded on them for their sick behavior, but he didn’t stop there. WATCH:

“So I think the left lost the culture war and the NFL and ESPN are collateral damage.”
“Any smart business owner knows being patriotic and doing what your fans want is a good business decision and pro-America.”
“For them to get led astray by the hysterical left-wing media was really dumb and that’s what happened to the NFL and ESPN.”

“Pence made a strong statement the other day, less players are now kneeling, Trump won this fight, now fans say that football is like their third favorite sport, it used to be number one.”
“Ratings are down, Jerry Jones did a whole 180 on this, the entire thing has flipped. ESPN hosts are getting triggered and suspended.”
That was a fatal blow that they will not recover from. This video is already going viral and most people are siding with America, and not with the Anti-Americans.
NFL should fire every single player who has ever taken a knee during the anthem because they are getting rich and living the good life all thanks to the country they live in. If they can’t seem to even respect the anthem then they should leave.

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