JUST IN: Jay Leno Risks His Career to Expose TRUTH About Trump!



Jay Leno started realizing the truth, that things are changing. The American people are getting tired of liberals attacking President Trump constantly. According to our source Angry Patriot, Lano stated that if he was still a late night host there would be less bashing against the president.

“I enjoy bringing people together,” Leno said, “If [mocking the president] is a constant thing on a nightly basis, eventually you’re all doing the same joke”

Leno said that the comedians are doing a mistake with the same Trump jokes, and they are dividing half of their potential audience. With President Trump being the target only shows that the entertainment industry and the mainstream media instead of making people laugh, they are generating propaganda.

Okay, joking about elected officials is a time-honored tradition in American politics, our system is designed like that to prevent demagoguery so it prevents them from obtaining “obtaining sacred status “, however, this is totally different.

The constant jokes and attacks on the president is making half of the Americans feel attacked be the other half.  At the Al Smith charity dinner, in New York President Trump during a speech made a joke about himself, so we agree that sense of humor is also important.

But, late night comedians seem to be obsessed with the tasteless jokes about President Trump and are definitely gone past the healthy sense of humor. And their insults are even worse, such as attacking Melania Trump and calling her a “prostitute” or Stephen Colbert’s attack on President Trump that he engaged sexually with the Russian president.

When in an hour-long comedy show the only joke is about President Trump fans quickly get tired, and this also destroys the comedian’s professionality and reveals them as “the partisan hacks of the Democrat Party” Leno’s replacement, Jimmy Fallon recently said that he is relieved that only half of his monolog was about Trump, it is very clear that he is also tired of the anti-Trump attitude.

We watch late night shows to laugh and relax if was wanted to true inaccurate jokes about President Trump we would watch CNN.

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