Jane Fonda: “I Call Him The Predator In Chief”!

Jane Fonda: “I Call Him The Predator In Chief”

Actress Jane Fonda appeared on Real Time With Bill Maher to discuss her opinions on the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States.


Maher chuckled as he suggested that the worst person in America was elected president.

The Left has been running the narrative that Donald Trump is a sexual predator of women since the October surprise in which a ten-year-old Access Hollywood video was released in which Donald Trump and Billy Bush were making derogatory statements about women.

Trump apologized for the decade-old comments, explaining that there was no excuse for them, that he was wrong for making them, and that he pledged to be a better man.

Liberals have ignored the apology completely, and have latched on to this narrative that Trump is some sort of lecherous predator who women should be terrified of being around.

When Bill Clinton was going through Weinergate, and it was discovered that he had been lying about having multiple affairs with multiple women while “serving” as president, it was reported as cute and a joke.

This was the president’s business, his sexual exploits were his own business, and had nothing to do with the job he was elected to do. The sexual victims were demeaned and called the “bimbo eruption squad.” They claimed to be pressured, and in some cases threatened, to remain silent, and to not testify against Slick Willy.

The accusations against Bill Clinton were that he was acting in a fashion that can be seen as similar to the way in which Trump spoke on the decade old video, yet Liberals are far more outraged about Donald Trump than they are about Bill Clinton. This despite Trump apologizing and promising to be a better man, and Bill Clinton has yet to apologize to his alleged sexual assault victims or for lying to the American people.

Jane Fonda also commented on the marches across the country to protest the inauguration of Donald Trump.

“I’ve never seen so many people mobilizing…everybody… people who’ve never, who’ve never been active in their lives are starting to organize, and come together. It’s like we’ve hit bottom, and now we’re going to come up.”

It’s funny, because these same people “who’ve never been active in their lives” actually had a chance to make a difference in November when they were given the option to vote for a successful businessman or a corrupt life-long politician with an alleged sexual predator for a husband.

The fact that Trump was elected and Hillary was not only goes to show that the Left is not as mobilized and active as Jane Fonda would seem to believe.

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    Have you forgotten about the Hanoi Jane demonstrations that took place during your consperatorial actions against the V.C. prisoners of war in N.Viet Nam

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