Netanyahu did something which is going to be remembered and his message describes the COMPETENCE of President Trump, his dedication, and determination to contribute to the world’s peace in an HONEST and effective way.

President Trump had an astonishing speech today. He made a great point on so many levels and he stood against the globalists.

One of the most important things he did and one of the most important ‘tasks’ in his foreign policy is to bring peace in the Middle East.

Donald Trump promised that Palestine and Israel will finally find mutual understanding and peace, while USA and Iran will have a brand new deal.

What’s shocking for the rest of the world is how Iran treats the USA after Trump entered the Oval Office. They are reserved, but they see anti-globalist in Trump and that’s what really matters for them. They know who wants to divide and conquer the Middle East, and who’s willing to UNITE the Middle East and secure prosperous future.

Netanyahu is one of the greatest leaders of Israel. He had extremely bad relations with Barack Obama and his administration. He had multiple conflicts in the UN with the US representatives and, also, the relations between the USA and Israel had never been worse. However, now the things are radically changing in the bilateral relations between the two countries.

It seems that we’ve never been so close to Israel. Look what Netanyahu said about Donald Trump.


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