ISIS Commander admitted receiving money through SOROS from US (VIDEO)

Daishi Jusaf Al Salafi, which is thought to be Pakistani commander of the Islamic State, admitted to security agencies in Pakistan that receive money through the US, the prominent Pakistani newspaper.

Al Salafi and his two companions were arrested in Lahore, Pakistan, on 22 January.

“During the investigation, Jusaf Al Salafi revealed that received funding – by America and Soros – to be managed by the organization in Pakistan and recruit young men to fight in Syria,” said a source close to the investigation told the newspaper Daily Express Urdu-language , asking to remain anonymous, reported English daily Express Tribune.

The newspaper also claimed that al-Salafi was actually arrested sometime in December last year.

Al Salafi also reportedly admitted to recruiting jihadists to send to Syria and that he received about $ 600 per person. He also admitted that he worked with Pakistani accomplice, who allegedly got the mosque.

Hungarian Prime Minister and commander has been against everything that makes “empire” of George Soros in his country, and according to many, Orban sided with Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump that can be said to be in “conflict” a billionaire.

“Groups that pays Soros must identify and work transparently. Large predators swim in these waters, it is a transnational empire of George Soros that has a ton of money and international heavy artillery, “said Orban.

Soros has donated 10.5 million for Hillary Clinton’s campaign and also donated money against other Republican Donald Trump. Then allegedly sponsored protests against Trump across the United States.

“Soros is part of a global structure of power that is to blame for economic decisions that robbed the working class,” said Donald Trump during his presidential campaign.

One of the attempts to pressure the new US president’s call for a general strike against Donald Trump on 17 February. As reported by German “Deutsche Welle” this idea is unusual because in America there are general strikes. Within attacks Trump, ratings agency “Fitch” reported that the new US president is a risk for global economy.


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