Hillary Clinton Is FREAKING OUT After Judge Pirro Said This On Live TV!

WHOA! This is the best ‘edition’ of Judge Jeannine Pirro you’ve ever seen! She completely obliterated and humiliated Hillary Clinton in front of the entire nation. The truth is always sore and painful for the ones who never wanted to be truthful. Your favorite judge on FOX News was obviously fed on Hillary’s lies and manipulation, so she decided to tell everybody WHO HILLARY CLINTON REALLY IS.

The profile of this person (Hillary Clinton) is very complicated. If you want to know who she really is, you should dig in her past.

Her husband, Bill Clinton, is nothing better. Actually, he is the worst president of the United States ever, according to some people. He was LITERALLY IMPEACHED ( Nixon resigned), and he represents everything that’s diametrically opposite of the true American values- just like Barrack Obama!

BUT, both Hillary and Bill Clinton are ego-maniacs. That’s a common characteristic of ALL successful globalists. They are narcissistic creatures who fight their battles for one purpose- for their personal GLORY.

Hillary Clinton always blamed everybody else for her huge defeat. In her new book ‘What Happened’ she, obviously, doesn’t want to accept the fact that she UNDERESTIMATED the nation and that’s the real reason why she was defeated so heavily. With her background and alleged crimes, she would’ve lost anyway, but she suffered a heavy defeat.

That’s why Judge Jeannine Pirro lost her temper and spilled everything out. Hillary will hate this!

According to SUBJECT POLITICS, Judge Jeannine said:

“You lost because people don’t like you… They don’t trust you. You’re arrogant and condescending. You call them names like ‘deplorable.’ And you have the moral core of a jellyfish… HE WON, YOU LOST! KARMA IS A BITCH!”


“Her reign was one of brazen, in your face pay-to-play corruption. It’s time to stop this psychopath from continuing her non-stop stream of lies and criminal activity.”


Do you stand behind Judge Jeannine? Why are we still turning a blind eye to Hillary’s crimes? The institutions have 30k reasons and more why she AT LEAST deserves a good investigation and charges.

Not to mention Comey, Lynch-Clinton meeting, Benghazi etc. Let’s open the ‘Pandora box’ and see what’s inside. We’re all same before the law.


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