‘What Gives You The Right To Demand Anything?’ Tucker Slams Entitled Illegal ‘Dreamer’!

The United States has a well-deserved reputation as one of the most welcoming nations in the world, with an established immigration system that allows people determined to better their lives to become citizens of our country legally. It is sad, however, how America’s hospitality to foreigners is being taken advantage of by illegal immigrants.

Tucker Carlson recently had a leading figure among the illegal “Dreamers” named Ivan Ceja on his show and confronted him over the entitlement that illegal immigrants like Ivan seem to feel from the United States despite the fact that they are not Americans and did not come here through honest, legal channels.

President Donald Trump has stuck his neck out for these Dreamers against many in his own party to work out a human solution for these Dreamers with Democrats like Nancy Pelosi. That doesn’t seem to be enough for these entitled Dreamers, as they ended up protesting in Rep. Pelosi’s office just over the fact that Nancy was willing to talk to Trump. Said Carlson on his show, “What I find so striking about that video is the lack of gratitude and the hostility from people who are really getting a pretty good deal from the United States.”

Ivan then threatened that illegal immigrants would be monitoring voting records to keep tabs on politicians who have “at some point voted against us.” Shot back Tucker, “You’re saying that you and other non-U.S. citizens are going to hold U.S. citizens accountable for not being nice enough to non-U.S. citizens. Is that what you’re saying?”

Tucker then gave him a lesson on how governments work, explaining, “The U.S. government exists to serve the needs and protect the needs of U.S. citizens. It does not exist to protect the needs of non-U.S. citizens. Do you see the distinction? I think all countries are that way. All of them.” He continued, “For the 11 to 15 million people who snuck in the country and are using forged documents to work, undercutting the wages of American citizens, on what basis do they get to tell me as an American citizen ‘I want this, I demand that.’ You have no right to demand anything if you’re one of those people.”Are you glad Tucker set this dreamer straight? Watch below:


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