What The French President Walked Up To Trump And Did Is Making Journalists SCREAM!

French President Emmanuel Macron left his post during the G-20 picture to go be next to US President Donald Trump. Everyone watched on. Watch the whole video below.


Even Angela Merkel tapped him on his shoulder, but it was too late he was already decided to place himself next to President Trump. When he got there he gave President Trump a hug and made his tie for the photo. You can notice the gap at the top row on the picture.

However, the mainstream media will never show what was happening just outside of the G-20 conference, the streets of Angela Merkel’s Germany. We and the world needs a leader that knows what he is doing, and President Trump is this kind of leader, it doesn’t surprise me why Macron was so excited to stand next to him in the picture.

Don’t you just love President Trump? He always represents us and our country in the best way. He is an amazing President, we are finally seeing some change for the better after many years. I am so proud of my president, and I am sure you are too! We love and deeply respect President Trump, and we will always support him!

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