Dobbs Just Told Deputy AG What To Do With His Investigation! These 3 Words Will SAVE TRUMP!

No one in the media can call it right EVERY TIME like Lou Dobbs can. If Trump supporters are thinking it, then Dobbs is articulating it for the world! He even gives us those great FOX Business “power point” charts as well.

Roughly, the whole “Trump Train” community is beyond disgusted at what is happening with Comey, Mueller and the “special prosecutor” Witch Hunt. Once again, Dobbs breaks it down in a nutshell.

In a fiery epic rant and beat down, Lou Dobbs pins Obama appointee Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein and calls him out on his BS.

We know that Rosenstein previously wrote a detailed letter explaining why he believed it was in Trump’s best interest to fire Comey. Shortly after, President Trump gave Comey the can, and then Rosenstein appointed Comey’s best friend to investigate the firing that he encouraged!

Lou Dobbs nails it correctly when he tells deputy AG what to do with his DAMN investigation! These 3 Words Will SAVE TRUMP! 


It’s the the only honorable thing left for Rosenstein to do, and then resign himself.

Do you think Robert Mueller needs to be fired immediately?

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