CEO Who Threatened To Kill President Trump Says His Life Has Been RUINED!

It’s frustrating to find out that there are people who think there would be no major blow-back after threatening the life of the President. I mean, hello – it’s the PRESIDENT of the most powerful nation in the world! Of course making such treats will affect your life for years to come!

Apparently, moron Matt Harrigan didn’t think it would happen to him. He is now reportedly getting death threats after he posted death threats on Facebook targeting Trump, and will hopefully receive some jail time for this willful “criminal act.”

Moreover this idiot was the CEO of a local cyber-security firm, so when his destructive rant went viral, he lost almost everything he had – including his career, as he had to resign from his company PacketSled.

Speaking to local reporter Allison Ash from “Team 10”, Harrigan revealed that he and his family had to move out of their home and go into hiding after his post went viral.

He stated:

And that’s the biggest problem, that Harrigan and others like him seldom think of the damage they cause with their hateful comments and threats. Well, in some point they DO think of the consequences, but by then it’s usually too late.

arrigan claimed he was drunk when he posted his vile comments on election night, stating he was just “over the top” with his “distasteful joke”, reports Right Wing Women.

Joke or not, the Secret Service wasn’t laughing after spending 2-hours interrogating this fool, and still haven’t decided whether to charge him. However, one thing is for sure – no one in their right mind would hire this guy as a CEO again!

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