Obama Pops Up In Germany For G20 Acting Like The President With What He Just Did To Screw Trump!

In the middle of President Donald Trump is doing a masterful job in Germany today meeting with world leaders and forging deals to make America great again, his predecessor went into total meltdown. Barack Obama can’t handle passing his coveted power over to a capable person who’s for America, so he decided to try to take over and do his hardest to derail Trump at the G-20 Summit with the disgusting thing he did behind his back when he showed up unexpectedly in Hamburg.

Obama has been obsessed with relinquishing the power from Trump that he enjoyed as president for two terms too long. He’s so vindictive that he simply does things to screw with Donald Trump and make his job hard as we saw on our president’s first overseas trip and now again on his second one where Obama appears to have stepped up his juvenile game.

It’s bad enough that the Obamas take endless vacations with an army of protection surrounding them at all times that’s paid for by the American people, but Barack has now added insult to that injury. Instead of keeping to himself on his ongoing Indonesian vacation and allowing the American people the opportunity to forget him, he just insulted the nation he formerly led for eight years by going on a destructive apology tour while Trump is standing up for the U.S. at the G-20 Summit, which the Obamas never did. If that wasn’t disgusting enough, what else he did behind Donald and Melania’s backs is a truly foul move.

It’s no secret that Obama loves to protect the so-called “religion of peace” which aims to destroy Western life as we know it. He used part of his vacation to perpetuate his apology to Muslims for the way Americans see them, during a disgusting speech he gave in Jakarta about “religious tolerance.” Completely overlooking the fact that Jakarta’s Christian Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama was recently imprisoned by Islamic forces who accused him of blasphemy, Obama had the audacity to criticize the United States for our supposed “religious injustice” in the midst of actual injustice in the very place he was delivering his stinging remarks.

Obama called on the world to confront “discrimination against people based on race or ethnicity or religion,” so long as it only protected followers of Islam, not Christianity.

“If we don’t stand up for tolerance and moderation and respect for others, if we begin to doubt ourselves and all that we have accomplished, then much of the progress that we have made will not continue,” Obama said.

“What we will see is more and more people arguing against democracy, we will see more and more people who are looking to restrict freedom of the press, and we’ll see more intolerance, more tribal divisions, more ethnic divisions, and religious divisions, and more violence.”

While his words sound like he’s pushing something positive, his apology about America’s actions suggested the complete opposite.

“The world is at a crossroads,” he saidAccording to the Hill, the former president spoke against pursuing national interests to the detriment of the international community. The implication that President Trump was doing exactly such a thing was made explicit when Obama criticized “the temporary absence of American leadership” on climate change while riffing on nationalism,  Conservative Report reported. 

“We start seeing a rise in sectarian politics, we start seeing a rise in an aggressive kind of nationalism, we start seeing both in developed and developing countries an increased resentment about minority groups and the bad treatment of people who don’t look like us or practice the same faith as us,” Obama said.

After these insulting remarks made about not just our president, but Jakarta’s Governor as well, Obama doubled down on his resentful reaction to Trump being president with what he did to him in Germany ahead of G-20. It was reported on Thursday that the first couple couldn’t find luxury accommodations in Hamburg and now it’s come out that this was likely the work of Obama to try to deter the president from a successful trip.

Young Conservatives reports:

“Donald Trump is in Hamburg, Germany for the G-20 summit and apparently he wasn’t able to get a hotel room at one of the top 5 star hotels.”

“The media has been joking around about how dumb Trump is but, as usual, they are leaving out a key piece of information.”

“The hotels were already booked on Election Day.”

“Which means, it was up to Obama to make sure that the next president was set up.”

While he will likely make is sound like a simple oversight, it was probably and intentional move since Barack Obama has proven to not be above these childish punishments to his replacement.

It would have been the right things to do for the current administration to make sure everything was in place for their replacement, but details like that were not important to Obama when he found out Trump was taking office and not Hillary Clinton.

“The White House is blaming the Obama administration for leaving President Donald Trump without a proper hotel during this week’s G20 summit,” Daily Mail reports. “Every top-shelf lodging was already booked by the time the Trump White House began making inquiries – but that, two White House officials say, is because their predecessors never booked rooms for an American delegation.”

“The funny thing,” a second Trump White House official said Friday, “is that the U.S. delegation probably also wouldn’t have had hotel rooms if Hillary Clinton had become president. It was already too late by Election Day.

Trump still defeated Obama’s best efforts and found “room at the inn” because he has more pull overseas than his predecessor. However, that didn’t stop the mainstream media from slandering Trump on this by saying he wasn’t prepared.


5 Times Obama Has Encouraged Violence Against Republicans!

With violent protesters shutting down Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Chicago, people getting physically assaulted, and a Black Lives Matter nutjob almost managing to rush the stage and do God knows what to a presidential candidate, the media is left trying to point the finger at the big boogeyman – “rhetoric.”

You see, “rhetoric” is the cause of these outbursts by the folks at Trump’s rally. It’s just not his rhetoric that is the problem.

President Obama recently claimed that things happening at Republican events are not “a consequence of actions that I’ve taken.”

But they’re certainly a byproduct of the “rhetoric” you’ve used over the years, Mr. Obama. And if “rhetoric” can be used to justify violence as you and the media have done in the case of demonizing Trump, then you are just as guilty as hell.

These left-wing goons are inciting violence because they’ve heard repeatedly from their President over the years that it’s okay to do so. They’re following Obama’s marching orders, that it’s okay to be violent against Republicans.

Need examples of Obama saying it’s okay to be violent against Republicans?

Here’s Obama saying that when it comes to Republicans, you need to “argue and get in their face”:

President Obama tells his supporters that “we need to punish our enemies”:

Obama told Republicans that they need to stop talking and “get out of the way”:

Here’s our President saying he wants to know “whose ass to kick”:

Then of course, there’s the time Obama told his supporters that “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.”

Via Politico:

The McCain campaign and RNC are pouncing on another line from the Obama pool report:

“If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” Obama said in Philadelphia last night. “Because from what I understand, folks in Philly like a good brawl. I’ve seen Eagles fans.”

It’s only a matter of time before your followers actually carry out your orders on this last one, Mr. President.




Trump Just Got The Best News Of His Presidency!

The mainstream liberal media is trying to make a fake picture of Trump’s presidency, by representing that he is such a massive failure, and has no hope to win in 2020. They are all dead wrong. We can all agree that Trump is doing a better job than Obama, even though he is only two months in office. However, the conservatives are not the only ones that think the liberal media is wrong. A few major liberals think that Trump has a chance to win again in 2020.

Image result for donald trump

Major anti-Trump liberal, Alec Baldwin, known for impersonating Trump on Saturday Night Live, said that there is nobody among the Democrats who can actually beat Trump in the presidential elections in 2020.

“None of those people are going to beat [Trump],” Baldwin said. “You think things are bad now; I tell you when things are going to be worse, if he wins again.”

This is definitely not a good sign for the ignorant Democrats, since even the person who can not stand Trump, acknowledges that he will likely be elected again.

This comes as President Trump is following all his campaign promises. He cracked down on illegal immigration, which was his major campaign promise not supported by the Democrats. He brought back MILLIONS of jobs to the US, and many more… It feels like America has the power again!

What do you think about this? Would you vote for Trump again?

There’s One BIG REASON Why Trump is ALREADY Predicted to Win the 2020 Election!

Donald Trump is already being predicted to win the 2020 election and it’s only 3 months into his current presidency! This is HUGE news for Trump supporters who have been rallying behind Trump for months. President Trump began campaigning for the 2020 election within a month of his inauguration. His first rally was held in Florida at the Orlando-Melbourne Airport where he made a dramatic entrance on the Air Force One.

Pres Trump 2020

 It was released today that the Trump Campaign has already raised over $7 million dollars in just under three months! This is an INCREDIBLE number and the Trump administration is overjoyed at the results of their campaigning.

People are now predicting a probable win for Trump in 2020. A major reason for these predictions is the comparison with the raised fund of the Obama administration 8 years ago. In his first three months of presidency, the Obama administration raised a measly $1 million. Compared to Trump’s $7 million, the outcome for Trump certainly looks good!

In an article from USA Today, Trump’s fundraising successes have been clearly outlined:

“In all, Trump’s campaign and the party have said they raised more than $53 million between Jan. 1 and March 31. Party officials say those fundraising efforts attracted 250,000 new online donors, underscoring the Republican president’s continued appeal with small contributors even as parts of his agenda run into roadblocks in Congress and the courts. More than $3 out of every $4 raised directly by Trump’s campaign committee came in amounts of $200 or smaller.”

President Trump is gaining followers and quickly guaranteeing himself a full 8 years in the White House. We’re so happy to hear this news! Will YOU be voting for Trump in 2020? Let us know in the comments!

BREAKING: Trump Throws Muslim Staffer Out of White House.

If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem, and you have to go.

Rumana Ahmed worked under Obama’s administration and stayed on afterwards as the senior adviser to Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes. She claims she lasted eight days in Trump’s administration before she was booted. However, she was not actually removed — she left on her own, via The Atlantic.

She decided to leave when Trump issued the executive order temporarily banning immigrants from seven primarily Muslim countries.

According to her article, she no longer wanted to work for an administration that saw her and the rest of her people “as a threat.”

Rather than stick with it and remain in the White House to continue working for the administration and encouraging diversity, she left because of an incorrect and misconstrued notion that, because of this ban, Trump is intolerant.

This is something that it is truly ignorant. When terrorists attacked this country during 9/11, a day burned into the mind of every single American alive and old enough to remember, the American people were expected to brush it off and move on.

And then the attacks started a war, leading to more heartbreak as many of our American soldiers left home on deployment and never came back, but the American people were scorned for feeling afraid, criticized for panicking, and told to be politically correct.

Yes, how dare we learn a lesson from the most brutal terrorist attack in the modern world? How dare we feel fear and a sense of loss over the fact that thousands of Americans were killed either in a plane or in the buildings where they were carrying on with their daily lives?

Muslims do not have any right to be upset about being labeled as a threat because that is a label they stuck on to their own sleeves. You want to talk about injustice? Look at the American veterans who are living on the streets and unable to get a decent meal because of all the illegals and refugees riding on the back of the American welfare system.

The Muslims and the liberals may believe that this country has “vilified” Islam, but we’re just being truthful.

When Ahmed left, she told Michael Anton, the NSC communications adviser, that it was an insult working in this historic building under the new administration, and that one day Congress will have to take responsibility for their actions.

But what the American people truly want is for the left to take responsibility for their actions. Muslims should take responsibility for the fear their religion has inflicted on this country, Obama’s administration should take responsibility for all the terrible measures that have ruined the lives of the American people, and the left should take responsibility for their lies about our president’s character and intentions.

This liberal sob story does not hold a candle to the plight of the American people, and this woman does not have any sympathy from me.

Do you support this?

source: truetrumpers.com


Evidence Proves FBI Wiretapped Trump Tower, Trump Is Vindicated

Numerous opportunistic public figures, who are actively trying to take establishment-bucking change agent Donald Trump down, have gone on the record to say that there is no evidence that wiretapping was conducted at Trump Tower.

Even some Republican lawmakers, such as “Never Trump” Congressman Devin Nunes from the blue state if California, have publicly chastised Trump for his allegations. Even FBI Director James Comey has stated that there is no evidence that Trump Tower was bugged. Unfortunately for these people, new evidence just proved otherwise and vindicated Trump.

According to a report from ABC News, the FBI was actively wiretapping Trump Tower in 2013. The FBI obtained a warrant to run surveillance on organized crime that was working out of Trump Tower’s unit 63A.

Explained former FBI official Rich Frankel, who now works for ABC News, about Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov, “Everything was moving in and out of there. He would have people come in and meet with them. He would use the phones. He would also communicate, whether it was through e-mail or other communications through there. His base of operations was in the Trump Tower.”

Explained court documents about what the FBI was doing, just three floors below Trump’s penthouse, “Mr. Vladim Trincher was on one occasion intercepted speaking with a customer of the gambling operation who owed a debt of $50,000.” The FBI got a recording, regarding another mobster named Maxim, where Trincher  “threatens the customer that Maxin would come and find him, would come and find the money and that he should be careful, lest he be tortured and lest he wind up underground.” How can the FBI deny that they wiretapped Trump Tower after this?

Is Director Comey part of Obama’s shadow government?

Do you think Director Comey is still covering for President Obama as part of Obama’s shadow government?

FBI Director Asked Whether Obama Knew About Trump Tower Wiretaps, His Response is STUNNING

Everyone has been sitting on pins and needles today waiting to see what James Comey was going to say about Trump, the Russians, and the Obama wiretapping scandal.

Only moments ago, FBI Director Comey completely sidestepped the question, as I expected he would do, and he literally refused to say whether the FBI was, in fact, monitoring Trump and if Obama actually knew about it.

However, even with his end-run, it is pretty clear he is once again covering for Dems and Obama in particular. By refusing to answer the question, he basically proved Trump was and still is under surveillance by our intelligence communities.

Comey has fine-tuned his ability to be a politician over the last few months by using a lot of words and eating up minutes of time without actually saying anything relevant to the questions.

This was a simple yes or no question, period, and should have been answered as such.

Instead of being truthful, Comey once again circumvented the actual facts and sounded like he was literally trying to wear us out rather than tell the American people what is going on inside of our intelligence communities.

There is little doubt in my mind that if Obama and company were innocent of spying on Trump, Comey would have come right out and said so. Instead, he is continuing his witch hunt to try to justify the disgusting actions of former President Barack H. Obama against our sitting president.

Director Comey proved during the Hillary investigation that he is incapable of running the FBI effectively, and now it is time for Trump to remove him from office and replace him with someone who is actually interested in dispensing justice.

The bottom line here is that Trump has been right about the wiretapping from day one, and Comey knows it — he is just trying to figure how to cover Obama’s tracks and protect him from the justice We the People demand.

As far as I am concerned, every move Comey makes at this point proves he is yet another member of Obama’s shadow government and part of the DC Swamp that is in dire need of a complete draining.

TREY GOWDY IS P*SSED! What He Just Said to James Comey Will Shut Down FBI Forever!

Congressman Trey Gowdy has had enough of the leaks! He just put his career on the line for Trump and issued a DIRE WARNING to the FBI on live TV. This came right after Trump Tweeted out pleading with the FBI to identify the leaker.

FBI Director James Comey still refused to identify who leaked Trump administration private phone calls to the media or even pledge to investigate it, so Gowdy RUINED him on Live TV!

Comey kept trying to duck and dodge as Gowdy named all the possible leakers, all the way up to the top of the Obama administration. He just made it clear that the FBI can’t continue to run a shadow government to destroy Trump!


FBI Director James Comey and Mike Rogers, the director of the National Security Agency, say they have no evidence or intelligence that Russian cyber actors changed vote tallies in key states during last year’s presidential election.

Testifying at a highly politically charged congressional hearing in the House, both said they had no evidence that any vote tallies were changed in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida, North Carolina or Ohio.

National Security Agency Director Michael Rogers says the intelligence community stands behind its January assessment that it is highly confident Russia interfered in the 2016 election with the goal of electing Donald Trump.

In a Monday morning tweet, Trump blamed Democrats for the investigation into his contacts and said the House intelligence committee should be focused on investigating leaks.

Rogers said that his agency is working to provide Congress the material it needs to investigate the intelligence agencies’ findings.

Rogers was testifying before the House intelligence committee alongside FBI Director James Comey.

FBI Director James Comey is publicly confirming for the first time that the FBI is investigating Russia’s efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election, including any potential coordination between Trump campaign associates and Russia’s government.

Comey in testifying before Congress. He says he’s authorized by the Justice Department to make the disclosure. Typically, the FBI does not discuss or even confirm the existence of ongoing investigations.

Comey says the probe is part of the FBI’s counter-intelligence mission. He says the investigation includes the nature of any links between individuals associated with Trump’s campaign and the Russian government, and whether there was any coordination between Russia’s efforts and the campaign.

Director Comey says the investigation will also look at whether crimes were committed. He says he can’t provide details about the investigation.

The top Democrat on the House intelligence committee says he hopes FBI Director James Comey will put questions about whether Trump Tower was wiretapped by President Barack Obama “permanently to rest.”

Rep. Adam Schiff was speaking at the start of the committee’s hearing on Russia’s interference in the presidential election. Comey is testifying at the hearing, along with National Security Agency Director Michael Rogers.

Schiff says Democrats on the committee will be focused in part on whether Americans helped Russia with its hacking of Democratic groups and individuals.

Trump has said he has no knowledge of his associates coordinating with Russia during the election. He’s refused to back down from his assertion that Obama wiretapped his New York City skyscraper during the campaign.

The chairman of the House intelligence committee says there was no physical wiretap on Trump Tower, but it’s possible that “other surveillance activities” were used against President Donald Trump and his associates.

Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., is speaking at the opening of the committee’s first public hearing on Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. He says the committee has seen no evidence to date that officials from any campaign conspired with Russian agents, but will continue to investigate that question.

He also says the committee will investigate who has been leaking classified information about investigations into Russia’s interference.

Nunes says he hopes the committee’s hearings will result in a “definitive report” on Russia’s involvement in the presidential election.

Do you think Comey is covering for President Obama? Please share this story on Facebook and tell us because we want to hear YOUR voice!

Trump Just Stopped The Motorcade In His Honor And DID THIS-The Crowd Went WILD!

Donald Trump Stopped The Motorcade, Came Out Of His Vehicle To Greeted Supporters!

The President’s endorsers who overpacked Southern Boulevard in Palm Beach, Florida on Friday, in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the powerful president as his motorcade headed to Mar-a-Lago got much more than a little salute from the bulletproof car.

Rather than that, the motorcade stopped moving and President Trump came out of his car to the upmost joy of the crowd, many of which were waving and hugging American flags and yelled “we love you!”

Expectedly, out of security reasons, the president didn’t come closer to any of his endorsers, but rather than that he waved and saluted them from outside his car, as decently as he could.

Again, due to security reasons, Melania Trump and their son Barron stayed intact in the vehicle, as reported by ABC affiliate WPBF.


“That was exciting,” fan Diana Roberts stated for WPBF.

Paula Prudente, who also walked with the motorcade route, stated for WPBF, “I’m always on the passenger side, because I know that he waves and smiles at us. He jumped out. This is the second time jumping out.”

The president doesn’t have any public appearances set for this following weekend.

As stated to the White House, a telephone discussion with Brazilian president Michel Temer is set for Saturday afternoon.

What are your thoughts on the President being this much attached to his endorsers? Tell us in the comment section.




(This is from several months ago, but we thought we would remind everybody just how great Texas is. The freedom to protect yourself and your family should always be secure. God Bless Texas!)
It’s hard to even imagine how horrifying it would be to find a forty seven year old man molesting your five year old daughter in a barn. In that situation, most of us would instinctively feel compelled to act just like this.
A Texas father who discovered a man raping his five-year-old daughter and beat him to death with his bare hands will not be charged with homicide under state law.
A Lavaca County grand jury decided not to press charges against the 23-year-old father in the June 9th death of Jesus Mora Flores, 47, who was killed inside a remote shack after he was caught molesting the young girl.
Under Texas state law, deadly force is authorized and indeed, justified in order to stop an aggravated sexual assault and coupled with the fact that the harrowing 911 calls made by the father back claims he even tried to save the pedophile’s life led to the grand jury’s decision.
Lavaca County sheriff’s deputies said that the father, whose name has not been released to protect the little girl’s identity, sent her and her brother to feed the family’s chickens.
The boy rushed back to tell his dad that someone had grabbed his sister and taken her to a small secluded shack and the father rushed towards his daughter’s screams and arrived to find them both with their underwear off.