Democrats want Hillary Clinton to leave spotlight!

It’s been six months since she lost the election and Hillary Clinton continues to blame everyone but herself. She decided to stay in the spotlight and deliver speeches to every event. However, even the Democrats can’t stand her anymore, as they said they’d like Hillary Clinton to to step out of the limelight.

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The consensus among former Clinton aides, former Obama aides, and Democratic strategists is that Clinton’s remarks blaming the Democratic National Committee and others for her election loss are hurting the party and making her look bitter, the Hill reported.

Dozens of Democrats were interviewed about Clinton’s remarks, including many staunch Clinton supporters and former aides.

They said they understood the need for Clinton to explain what happened in the election, but they also emphasized Clinton’s anger over former FBI Director James Comey.

Democrats Warn Trump To Accept Their Requests!

Justice Department was under tremendous pressure to delegate a special prosecutor in Russia investigation and to comply all other requirements by Democrats. Chuck Schumer, a Senate Minority Leader requested to disable Attorney General Jeff Sessions to be included in any phase of the process of finding Comey’s substitute.

Here is an explanation for this request from Chuck Schumer:

“Attorney General Sessions, who had to recuse himself from the Russia investigation, played a significant role in firing the man who was leading it. Not only that, the Attorney General is now reportedly leading the search to replace Mr. Comey,” told Schumer and continued. “He’s helping select the next FBI Director who will be in charge of an investigation that he cannot oversee. What an irony.”

He also told, “This Attorney General should not oversee the hiring process for the next FBI Director. His role will jaundice the entire process if it hasn’t already.” Democrats as well are looking for someone with the biggest rating to be chosen by Justice Department for a special prosecutor.

“Mr. Rosenstein and other political appointees should not be the ones who decide on a special prosecutor, lest that decision be seen as influenced, or worse, made at the direction of the Administration. And I thank my colleague from California Senator Feinstein for speaking so eloquently on this proposal.” Schummer also singled out.

More requests from Schumer and his group was that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to set up Senate briefing on wich Attorney General Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein should appear in front of Congress. In order to “answer the questions swirling about from Tuesday night’s firing.  They should appear separately, and in a classified setting if necessary.”

On the same day, we saw another complaint and disappointment by Republican Senator Susan Collins, about Democrats two-hour rule that could hinder committee hearings.

“We have witnesses who have come here from four different states.” “How does that contribute to solving anything that has to do with Jim Comey’s firing? I mean, it’s just ridiculous,” told Collins.

In spite of all critics from Republicans, a hearing was conducted by Democrats about a legislation for replacing Obamacare held in Communications Committee and Senate Democratic Policy.

As it seems, McConnell a Majority Senate Leader is not so much eager to permit requirements from Democrats representative. He pointed out on a Wednesday in Senate:

“Two investigations are currently ongoing: the Senate Intelligence Committee’s review of Russian active measures and intelligence activities, and the FBI investigation disclosed by Director Comey. Today we will no doubt hear calls for a new investigation which could only serve to impede the current work being done to not only discover what the Russians may have done but also to let this body and the national security community to develop the countermeasures and warfighting doctrine to see that it doesn’t occur again. Partisan calls should not delay the considerable work of Chairman Burr and Vice Chairman Warner — too much is at stake.”

Texas Democrats are going on a hunger strike for refugees!

Following Texas’ proposed anti-sanctuary city bill, state Democrats and open border activists are now initiating a hunger strike.

On Sunday, Democrat representative Victoria Neave said she had eaten her last meal until after Wednesday when the Texas House members debate the bill. She and other supporters will be using #FastAgainstSB4 to promote the cause.

On Twitter, Neave tweeted followers to “wear black when you head to ATX on Wed. to #FillTheGallery.”

The Indivisible movement account from Texas also tweeted, “We’ve gotten word from several people who will join @Victoria4Texas’ fast in solidarity.”

According to Breitbart-Texas, Democratic House members are now trying “to do everything possible to #StopSB4” in order to benefit refugees and illegal immigrants living in Texas cities.

Will Obama end up on Mount Rushmore?

A 60-foot version of President Barack Obama’s face will eventually be carved into Mount Rushmore, forever gazing down from the historic mountaintop beside the faces of four other US presidents. At least, this is what some college professors predict.

Immortalized as a giant granite carving towering over South Dakota, Obama would always be remembered as the first African-American president. Nothing he does in the White House will take away from that fact, which has led thirty percent of George Washington University professors to believe he will end up on Mount Rushmore, according to a new survey conducted by The College Fix.

 “History undoubtedly will accord President Obama a special place by virtue of being the first African-American president,”said Prof. Paul Wahlbeck, chair of the political science department at GW. But although Wahlbeck confidently acknowledged his belief that Obama will soon join the faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt, he said he is also “reluctant to venerate political leaders while or shortly after they served.”

Barack Obama (AFP Photo / Saul Loeb)

Two other professors mirrored Wahlbeck’s thoughts, all stating that it is too early to make plans regarding the addition of Obama’s face, but that it could happen in the distant future.

“Historical judgments take time to form and Obama is still in office,” history and public policy professor Edward Berkowitz told The College Fix. “It could be that he will be one of the great presidents, worthy of having his likeness carved on a mountain, but certainly not yet.”

The GW survey size was small, consisting of only 10 respondents, but the news has nevertheless sparked a debate on whether or not the current president belongs among the ranks of America’s most celebrated leaders. Six of the respondents said Obama does not deserve a place on Mount Rushmore, which has not added a president since the memorial was completed in 1941. But while the professors warned that it is too early to worship a president who is still in office, some Americans have already begun to advocate for Mount Rushmore’s addition of Obama.

A Facebook page titled the “Campaign to Put President Obama on Mt. Rushmore” already has more than 800 “likes”. The page depicts an image of Mount Rushmore, with Obama’s face added via Photoshop. The idea has also been brought up numerous times throughout Obama’s terms in office.

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In November, Huffington Post blogger Bill Lucey examined the feasibility of adding another head to Mount Rushmore. The U.S. National Park Service claims that there is no additional room to add a granite carving to the site, but some organizations continue to advocate it.

“Mount Rushmore and Mr. Obama are invoked so frequently in the same sentence that I began to wonder if in fact there is a movement in place to chisel the 44th president on the South Dakota mountainside,” Lucey writes.

But even if a 60-foot version of Obama’s head doesn’t end up in South Dakota, he has already been memorialized on parts of the American landscape. In Pennsylvania, an international magnet school was named “The Barack Obama Academy for International Studies” just two years after he took office. A Florida street was named “Barack Obama Avenue” in Feb. 2009 and an Orlando parkway was named “Barack Obama Parkway”.  Across the US, several other schools have been named after the president, including elementary and high schools in New Jersey, New York, Wisconsin, and California. Even though Obama is unlikely to find himself on Mount Rushmore anytime soon, his name has already arisen on street signs, parkways and schools, despite the fact that his presidential legacy may have not yet been formed.

What do you think? Does he deserve to be there?


BREAKING: Democrats Launch Project to DEFEND Sharia Law.

Because we want to protect our country against Sharia, Dems call us “Islamaphobic.” We are not afraid… we do not want Sharia in OUR country because it does not belong here!

Montana progressives are trying to blockade legislation from getting passed because it would deny the absurdity that is Sharia law from being implemented into the state’s judicial system. (via Breitbart).

Senate Bill 97, introduced by (R) Keith Regier, bans the application of foreign law in Montana’s courts — specifically highlighting Sharia law. Thankfully, the bill passed 56-44, but the number of votes in opposition to this legislation is simply astonishing.

Repugnant, abhorrent, revolting, and any other vomit-inducing synonyms you can think of would not even BEGIN to describe the barbaric ideology that encompasses this widely-used Islamic law.

Democratic Rep. Shane Morigeau stated: “I think it sends a dangerous message to minority groups both here living in our state and wanting to come visit our state, just merely on the fact that you may be different.”

Am I the only one confused here? Is Morigeau really trying to tell us that opposing Islamic laws, which COMMAND homosexuals to be crucified or mutilated, is “sending a dangerous message?” How dumb do these Democrats think we are?

It’s personally insulting as an American to have my first amendment reduced to an exploitative tool used to defend the left’s opposition to this bill. (D) Rep. Ellie Hill Smith stated: “The courts have said that laws that single out certain religions violate the First Amendment.”

I can’t speak for every liberal constitution-circumventing judge, but I see no correlation between freedom of speech and attempting to prohibit a set of Middle Eastern laws, many of which call for torture-like punishments rivaling scenes straight from a Saw film.

Even the most “moderate” Muslims support Sharia law, and the phrase “religion of peace” is widely-used to describe the religion. They say that without any sense of irony.

Sharia law would be a horrific implementation to our court system. According to Islamic law, a woman who has been raped absolutely cannot testify in court against her rapist(s). Those are the facts — but we Republicans are just a bunch of ignorant Muslim-hating bigots, right?

This bill is attempting to preserve OUR constitution from continued liberal assault, and will now be passed to Democratic Gov. Steve Bullock for a signature or veto. I can only hope he makes the right choice.

I’m shocked when any individual tries to explain their opposition to this bill while keeping a straight face. Hey, Montana! Please get with the program and follow North Carolina, Alabama, Arizona, Kansas, Louisiana, South Dakota, and Tennessee — they’ve passed bills opposing this barbaric Islamic law already. We’re counting on you.

What’s your opinion?



Is Director Comey part of Obama’s shadow government?

Do you think Director Comey is still covering for President Obama as part of Obama’s shadow government?

FBI Director Asked Whether Obama Knew About Trump Tower Wiretaps, His Response is STUNNING

Everyone has been sitting on pins and needles today waiting to see what James Comey was going to say about Trump, the Russians, and the Obama wiretapping scandal.

Only moments ago, FBI Director Comey completely sidestepped the question, as I expected he would do, and he literally refused to say whether the FBI was, in fact, monitoring Trump and if Obama actually knew about it.

However, even with his end-run, it is pretty clear he is once again covering for Dems and Obama in particular. By refusing to answer the question, he basically proved Trump was and still is under surveillance by our intelligence communities.

Comey has fine-tuned his ability to be a politician over the last few months by using a lot of words and eating up minutes of time without actually saying anything relevant to the questions.

This was a simple yes or no question, period, and should have been answered as such.

Instead of being truthful, Comey once again circumvented the actual facts and sounded like he was literally trying to wear us out rather than tell the American people what is going on inside of our intelligence communities.

There is little doubt in my mind that if Obama and company were innocent of spying on Trump, Comey would have come right out and said so. Instead, he is continuing his witch hunt to try to justify the disgusting actions of former President Barack H. Obama against our sitting president.

Director Comey proved during the Hillary investigation that he is incapable of running the FBI effectively, and now it is time for Trump to remove him from office and replace him with someone who is actually interested in dispensing justice.

The bottom line here is that Trump has been right about the wiretapping from day one, and Comey knows it — he is just trying to figure how to cover Obama’s tracks and protect him from the justice We the People demand.

As far as I am concerned, every move Comey makes at this point proves he is yet another member of Obama’s shadow government and part of the DC Swamp that is in dire need of a complete draining.

TREY GOWDY IS P*SSED! What He Just Said to James Comey Will Shut Down FBI Forever!

Congressman Trey Gowdy has had enough of the leaks! He just put his career on the line for Trump and issued a DIRE WARNING to the FBI on live TV. This came right after Trump Tweeted out pleading with the FBI to identify the leaker.

FBI Director James Comey still refused to identify who leaked Trump administration private phone calls to the media or even pledge to investigate it, so Gowdy RUINED him on Live TV!

Comey kept trying to duck and dodge as Gowdy named all the possible leakers, all the way up to the top of the Obama administration. He just made it clear that the FBI can’t continue to run a shadow government to destroy Trump!


FBI Director James Comey and Mike Rogers, the director of the National Security Agency, say they have no evidence or intelligence that Russian cyber actors changed vote tallies in key states during last year’s presidential election.

Testifying at a highly politically charged congressional hearing in the House, both said they had no evidence that any vote tallies were changed in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida, North Carolina or Ohio.

National Security Agency Director Michael Rogers says the intelligence community stands behind its January assessment that it is highly confident Russia interfered in the 2016 election with the goal of electing Donald Trump.

In a Monday morning tweet, Trump blamed Democrats for the investigation into his contacts and said the House intelligence committee should be focused on investigating leaks.

Rogers said that his agency is working to provide Congress the material it needs to investigate the intelligence agencies’ findings.

Rogers was testifying before the House intelligence committee alongside FBI Director James Comey.

FBI Director James Comey is publicly confirming for the first time that the FBI is investigating Russia’s efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election, including any potential coordination between Trump campaign associates and Russia’s government.

Comey in testifying before Congress. He says he’s authorized by the Justice Department to make the disclosure. Typically, the FBI does not discuss or even confirm the existence of ongoing investigations.

Comey says the probe is part of the FBI’s counter-intelligence mission. He says the investigation includes the nature of any links between individuals associated with Trump’s campaign and the Russian government, and whether there was any coordination between Russia’s efforts and the campaign.

Director Comey says the investigation will also look at whether crimes were committed. He says he can’t provide details about the investigation.

The top Democrat on the House intelligence committee says he hopes FBI Director James Comey will put questions about whether Trump Tower was wiretapped by President Barack Obama “permanently to rest.”

Rep. Adam Schiff was speaking at the start of the committee’s hearing on Russia’s interference in the presidential election. Comey is testifying at the hearing, along with National Security Agency Director Michael Rogers.

Schiff says Democrats on the committee will be focused in part on whether Americans helped Russia with its hacking of Democratic groups and individuals.

Trump has said he has no knowledge of his associates coordinating with Russia during the election. He’s refused to back down from his assertion that Obama wiretapped his New York City skyscraper during the campaign.

The chairman of the House intelligence committee says there was no physical wiretap on Trump Tower, but it’s possible that “other surveillance activities” were used against President Donald Trump and his associates.

Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., is speaking at the opening of the committee’s first public hearing on Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. He says the committee has seen no evidence to date that officials from any campaign conspired with Russian agents, but will continue to investigate that question.

He also says the committee will investigate who has been leaking classified information about investigations into Russia’s interference.

Nunes says he hopes the committee’s hearings will result in a “definitive report” on Russia’s involvement in the presidential election.

Do you think Comey is covering for President Obama? Please share this story on Facebook and tell us because we want to hear YOUR voice!


(This is from several months ago, but we thought we would remind everybody just how great Texas is. The freedom to protect yourself and your family should always be secure. God Bless Texas!)
It’s hard to even imagine how horrifying it would be to find a forty seven year old man molesting your five year old daughter in a barn. In that situation, most of us would instinctively feel compelled to act just like this.
A Texas father who discovered a man raping his five-year-old daughter and beat him to death with his bare hands will not be charged with homicide under state law.
A Lavaca County grand jury decided not to press charges against the 23-year-old father in the June 9th death of Jesus Mora Flores, 47, who was killed inside a remote shack after he was caught molesting the young girl.
Under Texas state law, deadly force is authorized and indeed, justified in order to stop an aggravated sexual assault and coupled with the fact that the harrowing 911 calls made by the father back claims he even tried to save the pedophile’s life led to the grand jury’s decision.
Lavaca County sheriff’s deputies said that the father, whose name has not been released to protect the little girl’s identity, sent her and her brother to feed the family’s chickens.
The boy rushed back to tell his dad that someone had grabbed his sister and taken her to a small secluded shack and the father rushed towards his daughter’s screams and arrived to find them both with their underwear off.

JUST IN: Sharia Law Finally Banned In All 50 States. Do You Support This?

This petition is meant to create national awareness of the “Creeping Sharia” threat to America, and to show all of our federal and state legislators that “We The People”, want the Constitution upheld and our American laws protected!


Please stand with us by; Signing the petition, Uploading a photo of you holding a Ban Sharia Law sign (see below), Sharing this website with all your friends, Liking our Facebook fan page, Joining our Facebook group, Following us on Twitter, Placing one of our banners on your website, Uploading our background to your FB profile.

Note: Although we believe Sharia law is currently posing the biggest threat to infiltrating our legal system, most of the states who’ve successfully passed legislation didn’t actually mention Sharia law directly. This was intentional to squash the counter efforts by organizations like the Council on American-Islamic Relations (AKA CAIR). The successful legislation was crafted towards the restriction of all foreign/international law.


BREAKING: Trump Just Told California’s Governor To Go F*ck Himself Right To His Face

California Governor Jerry Brown is a desperate man. With the fate of his state lying in the valley beneath a crumbling dam he should have fixed, he decided to make the trip to Florida Saturday morning to have breakfast at Mar-a-Lago and meet with President Trump. The meeting, which was scheduled to happen from 9AM to 11AM local time, lasted less than 3 minutes after our president got there and said:

 “Hey Jerry. You need billions of dollars to make sure the people whose houses are gonna end up under water are taken care of? That’s just too bad. Maybe next time you’ll spend your budget on repairs rather than giving all of your money to illegal aliens. My answer is ‘go f*ck yourself.’”

Official White House stenographer Beatrice Leahy said the official transcript of the conversation will omit the word “f*ck,” but that it was plain as day. Governor Brown immediately left with his tail between his legs.

This is just another sad story of a liberal Democrat thinking he can have whatever he wants because his state sends far more to the federal government than it receives. he thinks just because red states like Mississippi and Louisiana that are constantly ravaged by floods and hurricanes get funding even though they already take far more than they give means that every time he has a little problem he can just turn to Trump for help.