BREAKING: ‘Will & Grace’ Brutally Attacked Trump Live On TV Last Night!

The leftist-oriented show “Will and Grace” has once again hit the TV channel, and as most expected, it used its first show to catch up with the trend of liberal Hollywood, and blast President Donald Trump and his administration.

While the remarks weren’t made directly at the commander-in-chief, the jabs at Trump lasted all throughout the premiere episode. The plot consisted of interior designer Grace accepting a job to redecorate the Oval Office, despite disagreeing with Trump’s politics.

It all started when Grace’s colleague, Karen, played by Megan Mullally, telling her friend “Melania called me last night after one of her night terrors … She said the hubster’s been pouting because his office is a real dump.”

While this was one of the minor jabs the script took at the POTUS, there were also far more offensive ones revolving around his skin tone, and another one where another character named Will took a stab at Grace for taking on the job to redecorate the White House, mockingly saying that it will be “redone in a year.”

There were also other points in the show where Grace dubbed First Lady Melania Trump as a “rich hostage” and ended up leaving a red Trump-campaign hat on the Oval Office chair, with the words “Make America Gay Again” written on it.

And while the episode might have provided a gag for the leftists, thousands upon thousands of conservative supporters immediately stormed the Social Media networks, especially Twitter, to let NBC now just how disappointed they are from their trash show:


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