BREAKING: Trump Just Called For An IMMEDIATE Investigation Of Top Key Democrat and It’s Bad!

Democratic Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer, who is also the main moron leading the Russian conspiracy mission against U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, was caught palling around with his good friend Vladamir Putin for a lunch date in New York City. His hypocrisy is now on full display and soon something else will be after what President Trump just did to him.

Liberals have carried this ridiculous fake news about the GOP’s alleged partnership with Russia for as far as they can, and now it’s the end of the road since the ringleader, Schumer, just got some bad news. At some point, the left will learn that they better be sure their own “house” is clean before criticizing others, but it’s too late for that for Schumer. Immediately after it was revealed today that he had spent time with Russian leader Vladimir Putin in New York City back in 2003, Trump had the “smoking gun” he needed that Schumer only claimed to have on Sessions.

Not messing around with this nonsense any longer, Trump just initiated a counter attack on Schumer by calling for an investigation into his own tie with Russia, Mediaite reported. It’s often said that “turnabout it fair play,” which seems to be the name of the game today now after the truth seems to have come out about the man perpetuating the lies.

This hysteria about who is talking to who in Russia and about what needs to end and Trump is about to do just that by hitting back twice as hard. The left has brought on a massive distraction of nonsense since our 45th president took office and it’s time for everyone to get back to work now. Trump isn’t trying to run a daycare, he’s trying to run a country and is doing a damn good job at it despite everything the Democrats try to trip him up with.



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