BREAKING: Trump Just Announced His “Secret Weapon” to Stop Antifa!

MSN reported that President Trump is working on returning the military equipment to the law enforcement in order to have better safety and bigger chance against the Antifa protesters. Before President Trump, a big part of this equipment was banned from using by ex President Obama.

According to Christian News Alerts, there are reports that show that President Trump gave an order that will remove the restrictions given from Obama considering the military gear. Example of restricted items, are bulletproof vests, firearms, grenade launcher and shields. This gear is needed so that it can at least scare the Antifa protesters after they see the officers in vests and assault rifles.

The plan is to start this week after General Attorney Jeff Session gives the Executive Order. Trump and Jeff are sure that this will reduce the crime and violence. The Police Department is waiting for this change after President Trump election when he promised better supply of gear and equipment.

Obama made the decision in 2015, after the law enforcement used tear gas during the Ferguson riots, carrying the death of Michael Brown. These riots took control of some part of the city and big part of properties was damaged and destroyed.

After Obama’s decision to restrict the weapons usage, the violence was getting worse and worse and there were a lot more riots than ever before. The people are hoping that by this new decision made by President Trump, the police will do a better job at defending the citizens. They won’t use this equipment daily, but as we can see there were many occasions where the police officers needed it badly.


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