BREAKING: Texas Passes Law To JAIL “Sanctuary City” Sheriffs!

Somehow, in the mind of liberals, so-called “sanctuary cities” are not illegal. Fortunately, some sanity still exists in the United States, and the great state of Texas has decisively moved against sanctuary cities.

On Thursday, the Texas House of Representatives passed a law declaring that all Texas police officers would enforce federal immigration laws. Furthermore, the new law threatens any police chief or sheriff with jail time if they do not comply with federal immigration laws.

In one sweeping move, Texas has made it illegal for little San Franciscos or Chicagos to exist in the Lone Star State. The liberals must be panicking.

The bill, which passed by a vote of 93 to 54, gives local law enforcement a broad range of powers, including the ability to question individuals about their immigration status during traffic stops. We will finally push back against these illegal invaders.

While a full-scale attack on illegal immigration has yet to get fully started in Washington, D.C., Texas and other states are filling the gap by simply empowering local police officers and their senior officials. Finally!

For some reason, liberals and progressives often react negatively to the idea of local police officers enforcing immigration laws. The Left hates law and order.

Despite the fact that over ninety-percent of all crimes in the U.S. are handled at the local level, there are those “intellectual twerps” who demand that immigration should only be handled at the federal level.

Unlike bureaucrats with badges from D.C., local law enforcement interact with their own community daily. They know when something out of the ordinary occurs in certain neighborhoods, and they know when drivers or pedestrians are acting suspicious.

Therefore, it only makes sense that police officers and sheriff’s deputies act as the frontline in the fight against illegal immigration. If it takes clearing one city at a time to stop illegal aliens from flooding the border, then so be it.

Of course, the alternative is that sanctuary cities are run almost exclusively by Democrats. In these cities, the rule of law has vanished. The Left loves lawlessness.

As a result, the nineteen cities that have been officially recognized as sanctuary cities experienced a much higher level of crime than their non-sanctuary counterparts. The mainstream media hates to admit this.

Besides the fact that there is no logical reason to support sanctuary cities other than the desire to get more Hispanic votes, sanctuary cities simply put American lives at risk. They should not exist at all. The liberals have no shame.

Comment below, what’s your opinion? Do you support this decision?

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