BREAKING NEWS : Top GOPer Says Nancy Pelosi Should be REMOVED From Congress! – Fresh Media News

Many people think that Nancy Pelosi should be driven out of the Congress. She is a tough liberal who also works with such suspicious and corrupted liberal elitists like John McCain and Hillary Clinton. She often rebels against the country and the President- but her time is up- important GOPer suggests her leaving the Congress.

Since Trump’s election, liberals constantly toss the word “impeachment” around. Leading the way is Nancy Pelosi, saying electing Trump was a mistake. One GOPer has had it!

Well maybe it’s time we expel Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats from Congress,” Mark Levin stated on his radio show. “If they’re going to talk about impeachment, well then we need to talk about expulsion … it’s time to go on offense.”

Pelosi is obviously losing her mind in such a high political position, and the stress is getting to her. Sitting on her high horse in Congress, she has continuously called for the impeachment of President Trump.

She, like other Democrats, have encouraged oppositions against President Trump and fear-mongered the American people to try to unseat Trump from the Oval Office. It’s a complete slap in the face to every American who voted for Trump.

It was the votes and beliefs of the American people that elected Donald Trump, and a small number of people calling to remove him just because they can is an insult to this country’s election process. Rather than listen to the wants and needs of the American people, the Democrats are calling for Trump to be pushed out.

They talk about impeachment like it’s no big deal—it is a big deal!” Levin continued on to say. “They don’t really care about the Constitution … it’s about power.” Not once did they care about the unlawful and unconstitutional actions of former President Obama.No matter what the American people said, if Obama wanted to do something, he made sure it happened. He bent this country to his will, and we felt powerless to stop him. And now that we have elected Donald Trump, the liberals are trying to make us believe we were wrong in doing so.

But what we were wrong in doing was electing power-mad officials, such as Pelosi and Obama, in the first place. That’s where the mistakes of the American people lay. Trump was elected because of his presidential platform that called for life-saving motions to be implemented in America.

The liberals want to impeach Trump because he wants to put a wall up bordering the U.S. and Mexico, and he wants a stronger vetting process to keep out those who would harm this country or its people. This platform ruins the liberals’ dream of globalism in America and “open borders.”

Everything that Trump stands for threatens the very foundation of what the Democrats want in this country, which is to see it overrun and ruined. That’s why they want to impeach him; that’s why they’re encouraging liberals to protest and riot in the streets.

It’s not because of the allegations of Trump being a “racist” or a “sexist,” but because President Donald J. Trump wants to keep this country free and give the power back to the people. The liberals and Democrats need to admit it because the American people are refusing to back down. We elected Donald Trump, we fought to get him to this point, and we will fight so that he can remain at the Resolute Desk!

I would love to see the moment of Nancy Pelosy leaving the Congress, actually I would like to see her leaving the USA , as many of ther liberal buddies announced after the election. But, that’s only a show- nothing happened. Donald Trump is a man who brought idea of prosperity and peace- his enemies are not strong enough to beat the ideal.


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