Bernie Sanders’s Career is DONE! How Can He Believe To Win The Presidential Election? THIS IS HUGE!

How can this person believe to win the presidential election?

Apparently he lost his mind when writing this story.

Take a look what Bernie Sanders wrote when he was 31 years old.

According to America’s Freedom Fighters:

When Bernie Sanders run for the 2016 presidental election and was defeated in the Democratic primaries from Hillary Clinton, we learned a lot about him, and some stories were really unpleasent to hear.

Outlets like Politico and Newsweek are writing about potential 2020 bid for Bernie. And according to The Hill and it’s survey last week, Sanders is leading in front of Democratic candidates. Morning Consult poll claims that Sanders currently leads Trump if the election were held today, which makes us wonder is it possible? They claim that Sanders has 42% and Trump has only 36%.

Sanders seems to have dirty mind. Back in 1972 Sanders expressed his personal views on human sexuality, saying that women fantasize about gang rape, and men fantasize about sexually abusing women. This article is named “Man and Woman” and was published during the 2016 presidental primaries.

Is it disgusting? Take a look.

“A man goes home and masturbates his typical fantasy. A woman on her knees, a woman tied up, a woman abused.”

“A woman enjoys intercourse with her man –– as she fantasizes being raped by 3 men simultaneously……”

“….Men and women –– are both losers. Women adapt themselves to fill the needs of men, and men adapt themselves to fill the needs of women. In the beginning there were strong men who killed the animals and brought home the food –– and the dependent women who cooked it. No more! Only the roles remain –– waiting to be shaken off. There are no “human” oppressors. Oppressors have lost their humanity. On one hand “slavishness,’ on the other hand “pigness.” Six of one, half dozen of the other. Who wins?”

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Sanders wrote this when he was 31-years old, and at the time he launched his first capmaign bid for senate. He lost several times before becoming the Mayor of Burlington, Vermont  nine years later.

And this man is having more trust than Donald Trump? Somebody must be joking here.

It’s up to you to decide wheter he deserves your potentional vote in future.

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