This Beautiful Black Trump Supporter Just CHOKE SLAMMED the Emmy’s With This One Sentence!

The mainstream media falls short time and time again to push Trump into the abyss of failure.

The well-known singer and songwriter Joy Villa shut their mouth once again for good.

She will keep them quiet for quite some time I suppose.

Joy Villa has a long history of making a fool out of the media outlets. She is pretty known for her appearance in a custom-made dress with the popular “Trump-Pence: Make America Great Again!” slogan. She wore this famous mesmerizing dress to the 2017 Grammy Awards and she stunned everybody with her fashion choice. Critics were in awe and just couldn’t take their eyes off of her.

The famous singer Joy Villa is a fashion killer but she proves she can kill the fake media outlets whenever she wants. When she appeared on Fox Business, Joy Villa threw some “jabs” at the notorious Hollywood, Liberal hacks in the media and she didn’t hold back throwing the so-called Hollywood celebrities under the bus for pushing their liberal beliefs on other people against their will.

Villa exposed the true face of every celebrity by saying, “[Emmy’s are] a bunch of Hollywood elitists, talking about Hollywood elitists, talking about how great Hollywood elitists are.” She was spitting straight fire and it turns out the Emmy’s is an event organized for pro-liberal, anti-conservative celebrities that are part of the Hollywood elite. Bunch of spoiled nobodies who think they know it all. Grow a pair, you don’t need the Emmy’s to play your childish blame games. If you think something is wrong in America, say it out loud to President Trump, there is no need for sneak dissing and mockery on the TV screen.

Until then keep your mouth shut celebrities, stay out of politics, Nice try, better luck next time suckers.




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