Alyssa Milano Calls Out Melania Trump’s Giant Diamond Rings in Official Portrait

Alyssa Milano Calls Out Melania Trump’s Giant Diamond Rings – Alyssa Milano wants Melania Trump to ditch the bling. The actress called out the first lady for wearing two diamond rings in her official first lady portrait.

The Charmed alum, 44, took to Twitter to voice her opinion on the photo Tuesday, April 4. “You look beautiful, but you could feed many of the impoverished in our country with your rings,” she tweeted.

The White House released FLOTUS’ portrait on Monday, April 3. In it, the 49-year-old former model (married to President Donald Trump since 2005) is dressed to the nines in a black Dolce & Gabbana jacket with an embellished silk scarf.

Melania gives the camera a smoldering look with her arms crossed to reveal the enormous 25-carat ring that her husband reportedly gave her on their 10th wedding anniversary in 2015. The Slovenia native also has an expensive-looking ring on her other perfectly manicured hand.

Official Portrait of First Lady

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“I am honored to serve in the role of First Lady, and look forward to working on behalf of the American people over the coming years,” she said in a statement that was released with the portrait.

Milano, who endorsed Bernie Sanders during the 2016 Democratic primary, wasn’t the first to criticize Melania’s choice of jewelry.

Some social media users thought the ring was too prominent in the pic. “And Melania’s official portrait is out. All the airbrushing could almost make you ignore the $3 million ring,” one tweeter wrote, while another added, “Melania’s 25 carat diamond ring in her official portrait is over-the-top.”




  1. Linda Sater

    So what so petty and obviously you
    Didn’t do any research on the
    Trumps donations oh ! Wait if they
    Mentioned their charities that they donate
    Too then of course you would have
    Said something negative Right come
    On you actors are always flashing
    You jewels your designer clothes
    The best restaurants u dine at
    Let’s use valueabal space besides
    No one is really listening too much of any
    One of you again! “One flew over the
    Cuckcoos nest!

  2. jtas

    Jealousy is a waste of time,you idiot.It’s not going to put those rings on your fingers.She has all the right in the world to wear them.If that was Killary wearing them you’d be all over it like bees on honey.You’re nothing but another brain dead Liberal bitch.

    1. MK Norton

      AMEN! “Feed the homeless,”. Read a Bible, Jesus said there will always be poor amongst you! Melissa needs to shut up and spend her millions first! She’s been on TV forever! Not your money Melissa, shut up!

    2. Sharon

      I agree if she has this ring then she should wear it, she worked up until the President decided to run for office so she has a right to enjoy her rings and show them off. Jealousy isn’t very nice, there are other people that flaunt their jewelry.i’m happy for her! She’s a beautiful classy First Lady!❤❤🌹🌹😘👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸💯💯

    3. Wanda Frost


    4. Marie Carlucci

      Exactly! Well said!

  3. Tina

    Sound’s like a jealous cry baby’s.

  4. Tina

    Sound’s like a jealous tits.

  5. Lalaine

    Oh my!! She is jealous!!! It’s so obvious!! Leave her alone and let her whatever she wants!! It’s her decision! She’s beautiful anyway!! Let it go, Alyssa!!!

  6. CAROL


  7. Faye Adkins

    Boy she must be jealous. How many hungry kids has she fed

  8. Me

    Really??? Jealous much????

  9. Chris

    Melinia loves to wear jewelry. Let her be

  10. Alicia

    Such jealously with so many haters! I love them and melania is just perfect!

    1. Kay Fehlman

      Yes and a loud support of her marriage to
      And love for her husband and family!God bless her.’Alyssa you could be a voice for Americana memorabilia and you choose this destructive path.
      Shame on you!

  11. Martha

    Oh for goodness sakes!!! Is there no end to the petty jealousy of people like Alyssa Milano ? What a pathetic mess! If hillary had a 50 carat diamond smack in the middle of her forehead that would be fine!!!! You people need a life , get on with it and stop your pettiness. Guaranteed this will come back to all of you in spades

  12. Jinafer

    Where is the portrait I really want to see it

  13. Gloria Rhodes

    Why should Melania act poor when she’s not Shes beautiful. She has respect , Because she is true to herself.Just because she wears fine jewels don’t think she don’t love America. She is The first lady. Some people will talk about her if she didn’t wear her ring. Some downed MRS O for her choice of clothing. yes most of her clothes weren’t my taste but if she liked them so what. Some say things to be mean and some because they are jealous even If I loved an out fit most likely I couldn’t afford it But knocking someone because they can afford the best is wrong….

  14. Gloria Rhodes

    My grandma use to dress to the nines just to go shopping or out to lunch she would say If it sets in the closet what good is it. Melania is proud of what she has.but that don’t make her who she is. Well the haters will hate and they will be negative No First lady gets by without being critisized Melania is beautiful .

  15. Sharon

    If you read the article, it was about helping the improverished. The actress is libatard. The improverished need jobs. The jobs create wealth that also puts more tax dollars into programs for those who are handicaped, etc. You can only feed the poor once with the 25 caret ring, but you can feed them a lifetime with a job. She really is bullying and doesnt know it.

  16. Ramon Maisonave

    Sore losers reveal their true colors.
    No wonder Shannon Dougherty left the Charmed show. Shannon wasn’t the problem.

  17. Pru

    Green eye of jealousy!!
    You know haters gonna hurt

  18. Kathy Pence

    Why don’t you big shots in movies, tv and music start donating to homelessness, volunteer all the time, help needy families with your own big bucks you make in LaLa Land and shut up. No one cares about your opinions, you’re snide remarks, your thought process on how things shoild be “different.” You can’t stand that Trump can not be bought and that he could buy and sell your hopeless bums a dozen times over.
    Melania Trump is a classy, well educated woman who happened to marry a BILLIONAIRE. Her rings, her clothing and jewelry are her business..NOT YOURS. Pawn your own paltry gem and pay forward something worthwhile. Do you know what that actually means? Get outta here. Your kind of attitude is obnoxious.

  19. Katlyn

    They are ser thing with jealousy! She’s a beautiful woman and havingredients jewelry isn’t s crime.

  20. Mary Louise Barlass

    I love her diamond ring. I plan on sporting one nearly that size. People are so jealous!

  21. Donna

    Go take a nap!!!!!! Jealousy is a terrible trait / how much of your money have you given to charity? How much of your time do you spend helping others? Do you have a nanny? Melanie takes care of her son 24/7 / she has a lot to contribute as First Lady / first of all those rings are material possessions / it’s what’s in your heart that counts / your heart holds hate / you need to focus more on your own life / get a life and shut up

  22. Karen

    Milano, your just jeolous. Why don’t you quit worring about other countries starving and work you ass off to help feed the.American children. Miss High and Mighty.

  23. Scarlet g lanier

    She is a beautiful gracious First Lady. Someone we all should be proud of. Give her the same opportunity that our other First Ladies have had. She will leave a beautiful legacy on our nation and world. I am proud of her and shame on you who can not handle your jealous. Treat this Lady as our First Lady because that is who she is!!!

  24. Cat

    Bitch, you’re worth $45 MILLION and live in a mansion, Show me YOUR check for MILLIONS to help!

  25. Jeana

    Leave this woman alone. She is supporting her husband and family. That’s what women do.!
    So, she has rings !! So what! She is a strong woman , chosen by God to support HIS chosen one, Mr Trump ! America is so fortunate to have these people at the helm. The Trumps did not have to do this. They have no need of fame or fortune. They have everything this world can give .
    They are sacrificing family time and private life for USA. Bless them and watch what God will do through them.

  26. Deborah Urquijo

    She is a lovely woman. Anyone who is insisting that she get rid of her jewelry is probably just jealous that they never had a man to buy them those things. If she enjoys her jewelry and can afford it, I do not understand the problem. I say go for it Melania. I am proud of our first lady and I think she does a wonderful job of representing this country. She is a wonderful mother and wife. I think it is time to start appreciating her for all she brings to our President, White House, and this country.


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