Al Sharpton on Jemele Hill Suspension: ‘We Won’t Stand for This’!

The wheel keeps spinning.

National anthem protests continue to be a hot topic for every media outlet.

NFL players started something that shook the whole country and nowadays people are losing their job because of these spoiled million dollar athletes.

A few days ago ESPN gave the boot to “SC6” anchor Jemele Hill over a couple of tweets written on his social media account. Rev. Al Sharpton disagrees with ESPN’s decision to kick out Jemele HIll and he thinks its pretty “outrageous” that they had the guts to fire the well-known public figure. Apparently, Jemele Hill called out the Dallas Cowboys on Twitter to boycott the season because their owner Jerry Jones gave them an ultimatum to stand during the national anthem. If they refuse to stand up, the players will be kicked out of the team indefinitely.

Sharpton had a brief interview with TMZ sports. He voiced his opinion and wants the public to know what he thinks about the controversy related to Jemele Hill: “First of all, Jemele Hill and anyone else has the right to express their views.”

Rev. Al Sharpton was clearly upset and he would not be happy if the same thing happened to him. He added, “To try and silence her will not silence many of us that feel what Jerry Jones has done is put the Cowboys players in a position of either I must sell my right to express my feelings, my freedom of speech, my right to protest in order to do my trade and do my business. That is, in my opinion, disrespecting what the flag is supposed to stand for.”

Sharpton concluded his interview by saying, “We will not be shut down and we will not be suspended and we will not stand for her to be suspended.”

Every person has its own right to state their opinion. The freedom of speech is the most important thing in this great country. Stay tuned for more information about the NFL drama that has been going on for quite some time.

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