Jennifer Aniston: Making A Company Named “Celebrities For Trump”! Fighting The Anti Trump Celebrities!

Actress Jennifer Aniston: “Me and All The Trump Supporter Celebrities Decide To Make A Company Named “Celebrities For Trump”, Which Fight Against All Anti Trump Celebrities, I Think President Trump Needs Our Support”. Do You Support Her?

For the show’s cold open, Alec Baldwin entered the fray with his latest Donald Trump skit, poking fun at the President-elect over his retweet of a 16-year-old boy’s support. During a “security briefing,” Baldwin’s character interrupted the session with “important” news.

“Kellyanne,” Baldwin rasped, “I just retweeted the the best tweet. I mean, wow,” he gushed.

“What a great, smart tweet. This could not wait. It was from a young man named Seth, He’s 16, he’s in high school, and I really did retweet him,” he insisted. “Seriously. This is real.” Kate McKinnon, playing Conaway, stared vacantly into the camera and said, “He really did do this.”

The real Donald Trump didn’t waste any time tweeting about the sketch, sharing his displeasure on, where else, Twitter.

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