24 Hоurs Аfter Dе Blаsiо Ditсhеd NY Tо Аttaсk Тrump, Hе Gоt ЕXAСTLY Whаt Hе Dеѕervеd!

Bill de Blasio has once again proven he is completely incapable of fulfilling his duties as Mayor of New York City.

And he got just what he deserved because of it.

While NYC is wrought with crime, homelessness, and a broken transportation system — which is currently in a “state of emergency” — de Blasio mustered up the gall to fly to Hamburg, Germany on the taxpayer’s dime and foolishly attack President Donald Trump.

The reaction on social media was severe — and it got even worse when the city’s top paper, the New York Post, published a ginormous hit-peice on the mayor, calling him a “Deutsch Bag.”

Take a look:

Yikes — that’s going to leave a mark.

Hopefully NYC will have the guts to stand against this con-man of a mayor and elect someone who respects local law enforcement and the taxpayer’s dollar.



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