2 Chicago bars announce they will not show NFL games as sign of support for Kaepernick!

A Chicago bar owner who believes Colin Kaepernick is being blackballed by NFL teams has decided to launch his own form of protest against the league.

Kenny Johnson, the owner of both the Bureau Bar and Velvet Lounge, announced this week that he will not be showing NFL games on the TVs inside his establishments until Kaepernick lands a job.

“It’s clear that he doesn’t have a job because of what he did and the stance he took,” Johnson told CBS 2’s Audrina Bigos. “This is the way I want to support Colin Kaepernick. I’m a father, I’m a husband, I’m a business owner. I want to make sure my kids understand they can stand up for something.”

Johnson announced the new NFL viewing policy on the Instagram pages for his two bars:

Johnson knows he could potentially lose out on a lot of revenue by refusing to show NFL games, but he said the decision is “more about right and wrong” and he will think of other ways to make money.

Despite not being on an NFL roster, Kaepernick continues to be one of the biggest storylines as we inch closer to the start of the regular season. As for why the 29-year-old has not been signed, LeSean McCoy probably summed it up the best when discussing the hot topic this week.




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