103,000 Entitled Muslims In Michigan Just Woke Up To Nasty Surprise From Pissed Off Citizens!

The fightback to save millions of Americans from an oppressive regime has begun in Michigan. The belaboured state that has had numerous issues with mass Islamic immigration seems to have finally seen the light in terms of protecting ALL its citizens (native born AND migrant) from the regressive and oppressive actions that are inherent in Sharia Law.

Rep. Michele Hoitenga, R-Manton, is launching a bill that will stop any “foreign legal system” applying rules or laws on ANY resident in Michigan. While the bill does not explicitly name Sharia Law, she wrote that “it would include the religious law association with Islam”.  The idea that American citizens should have to live under a different law to accommodate people who wish to implement stone-age practices is an abomination to the very idea of a free and equal society.

If you wonder what life under Sharia Law actually looks like, here are a few of the countries that practice it:

SudanAfghanistanIranIraqPakistanQatarSaudi Arabia and Yemen.

All of these countries have appalling treatment of women (in accordance with Sharia Law) and regressive views on freedom. This is not something the USA wants. The problem is, the more migrants that come from these countries, the more adherents there are. And the more that number grows, the more call there will be for the US to change its ways and implement Sharia.

Dearborn, Michigan has a reported Muslim population of 103,000 (estimated around 43% of the total), and calls from this area for Sharia implementation are the reason this bill is going forward. If you go to a new country, you should integrate, if not you should leave. If you want to live in a 3rd World hellhole where FGM, child rape (“marriage”) and female oppression are rife, then go to any one of the countries listed above. Don’t come to the USA.

Michigan has become a hotbed of hate as Muslims have been allowed to take over much of the state and impose their “religious rights” on everyone who was there before them. After years of this infiltration, fueled in large part by Barack Obama’s refugee program and the town of Dearborn becoming the Middle East of Michigan, citizens have had enough. The entitled ride of thinking they can take over has just come to an abrupt end with the rude awakening they just faced by one brave individual leading the charge of making the state American again.

The nature of the Islamic religion does not allow Muslims to assimilate into Western culture — they want to dominate it since everything America stands for is counter to their beliefs. Michigan has systematically been forced to bow down to Islam under the pressure of our previous president who herded thousands of refugees into their state and allowed one town, in particular, to become unrecognizable as an American city — Dearborn — which looks more like the Middle East with its predominately Muslim population of approximately 103,000, according to WXYZ.

Muslims’ plan is world domination as that’s what their holy book preached for them to achieve. Key to that plan is the implementation of Sharia Law which they try to slowly establish under the radar here in America, without anyone realizing it before it’s too late. Wise to their disguise is Michigan Representative Michele Hoitenga who isn’t taking a backseat to political correctness and just got proactive about stopping Muslims in their tracks with a nasty surprise she just slapped them with.

With a new president in charge, states are starting to feel empowered to take assertive action against Islam in America, as was seen this week by what Hoitenga who just proposed a bill to ban Sharia Law.

MLive reports:

“Michigan residents would be banned from using other countries’ laws in court under a bill proposed by Rep. Michele Hoitenga, R-Manton, according to an email obtained by MLive.

In an email sent to state lawmakers seeking co-sponsors on Monday, Hoitenga said her bill doesn’t specifically mention Sharia Law, but wrote that it would include the religious law association with Islam.

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