1 Month After O’Reilly Being Fired, Fox News’s New Ratings Will Blow Your Mind!

Fox News CEO though that by firing Bill O’Reilly he would save the network from the scandal that happened after the host was accused of sexual harassment. But now it seems that this decision may destroy the network.

Following the allegations that Bill O’Reilly sexually harassed several women, he was fired. It also was said that bill paid off his “victims” to keep them shut. Than after the network investigated the allegations they dismissed Bill O’Reilly. This story was similar to the one of Ailed, only O’Reilly was targeted by the liberals who goal was to eliminate him from the network.

First Media Matters persuaded 90% of his advertisers to leave the show. Then O’Reilly took a vacation leave, and eventually he got fired. Murdoch and hi sons taught that t O’Reilly was harming their network. But things didn’t turn out to be better for them.

The Murdoch were trying to move the network in a new direction and apparently O’Reilly didn’t fit the new idea.

Well Americans aren’t satisfied with the new lineup, and frankly Murdoch family actually destroyed the network. This aren’t going to well from them.

Fox News was on the top among all the competition, but now they are falling down.

The primetime is “deadliest” for the network. It attracted the most reliable audience.

Martha MacCallum’s “The Story” lost 100,000 viewers in the 25-54 demographic to CNN’s “OutFront.” MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” destroyed Fox’s “The Five.”

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